Giving IT Day # Give computers to non-for-profits
Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving IT Day # Give computers to non-for-profits

Giving IT Day # Give computers to non-for-profits

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Giving IT Day # Give computers to non-for-profits

Help us help over 100 social organizations modernize to scale up their impact.


66% of social organizations in Portugal indicated that they do not have enough computers to fulfill their mission.

Without hardware there can be no technological modernization of the social sector. Our associations need help to better fulfill their mission.

Most of the associations in Portugal are facing serious financial difficulties, and technological modernization is in the foreground. Generous people who think first about the community they serve and do not invest in becoming better. Let's help them!

What do you need a computer for?

Technology is eating the world, do you really think you could live without it?
To be able to manage your website, social networks and all the essential media to raise funds, communicate your mission and help the community.
So that they can better accomplish their mission. Youth-friendly associations need computers so that young people can, for example, do homework.

Contribute to this cause today, and become an IT Donator.

What are we going to do with your money?

Let's go shopping! We will buy computers for associations like Lar de Santa Cruz, who need computers so that the host children can have where to do their school work.

Other forms of contribution:

You can donate your computer or buy a new one and give it away. See how at:

Track real-time needs / donations at:

About the author

Donate IT was created in 2015 to respond to the need for technology support from non-profit associations but also to allow over 300 volunteers the ability to contribute technology skills to contribute to a better world. All of the work done by volunteers is mostly done remotely, at a time that best fits the lives of project managers, developers, web designers, data scientists, digital marketing experts, and more.

Donate IT's vision is to help other non-governmental and / or non-profit organizations fulfill their mission by providing them with the right technology tools.

More information at

Budget and due dates

€ 65,000 by 12.03.2019.

With € 65,000 we will be able to buy around 200 computers that we will offer to over 100 organizations.

New computers will be channeled to associations that need them to fulfill their mission. We will give priority to associations such as Lar de Santa Cruz, which requested computers so that the young people they host can do their homework.


Collection of donations until day 03.12
04.12 - Acquisition of New Computers
Until 06.12 distribution of computers to associations

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    A Sticker for you! Thank you! These 100 euros to allow to buy 33% of a new computer. You got a sticker for your PC, do you want us to mail it to you? If so, contact us at and send us your address. Shipping costs are not included in this offer.

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    Ding Ding, someone will get a computer donated by you! You will receive a photograph of the moment someone received a computer given by you. Is there greater joy than spreading joy to others? We don't want you to miss anything. To receive the photo, please send us an email address or an address so we can send you proof of how happy someone was.

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