Disc Recording - GARFO

Disc Recording - GARFO

This crowdfunding campaign aims to finance the recording and editing of the first album by the GARFO group.

This crowdfunding campaign aims to finance the recording and editing of the first album by the GARFO group.

After one year of GARFO activity, we decided to record a disc to record the music we have been playing. However, the costs of recording a disc are quite high so we propose financial support through the campaign, thereby facilitating the achievement of this objective and reaching a new level in the course of the project. Audio editing in physical format allows the music market to reach producers and programmers more effectively. Finally, we urge that, as far as possible, make your contributions. In this way, you will be able to obtain rewards from autographed CDs to invitations to attend one of the recording sessions of the disc, among others.

About the author

GARFO is a project created in 2019 by Bernardo Tinoco with the aim of joining three other young musicians with a musical approach identical to his. The choice of two wind instruments together with a rhythmic section without a polyphonic instrument aims to explore new tones and textures of a song that alternates between its written and improvised component. The group's repertoire consists of original compositions by all members. During the period of activity of the group, it already had the opportunity to perform in concert in some concert halls and festivals in the country.

Budget and due dates

Studio rental - 600 €

Sound technician's cachet for recording, mixing and mastering - 1000 €

Disc artwork / Design and communication - 400 €

Disc edition in physical format and distribution - 1500 €


The group intends to have the album edited by the summer of 2021.

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