Mystery of Faith

Mystery of Faith

We need your support to make the project, 'Mystery of Faith', a reality. Every gesture, no matter how small, makes a huge difference and contributes to the success of this comedy.

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We need your support to make the project, 'Mystery of Faith', a reality. Every gesture, no matter how small, makes a huge difference and contributes to the success of this comedy.

"Mystery of Faith" - Help us turn this idea into a short film

Hello everyone!

We are a group of students from Lusófona University, about to complete our final year of undergraduate studies. Excited and dedicated, we are embarking on a project we'd like to share with you: the production of the short film, "Mystery of Faith".

About "Mystery of Faith": This subtle comedy explores the loss of faith and the transformation of religious devotion into faith in humanity and capitalism. The story unfolds in a convent, where the protagonist, Rosário, experiences a series of unexpected events following an apparition of Our Lady.

It's important to mention that "Mystery of Faith" does not convey subliminal messages or point fingers. The narrative addresses religious themes, including the apparitions of Fátima, and reflects on the evolution of faith over the centuries.

Synopsis: Rosário, a young nun, receives an apparition of Our Lady with a 4th secret of Fátima and is tasked with a mission. The situation leads Rosário on an unusual journey, full of humor, irony, and surprises, both within and beyond the convent walls. The film delves into the loss of faith, questioning values and beliefs in a fun way.

How You Can Help? We are looking for support to make this project feasible to produce. You can contribute financially, help with spreading the word on social media. Every little gesture makes a difference.

Join us on this adventure and be part of creating something truly special! We count on your support to bring "Mystery of Faith" to theaters.

Thank you very much for your attention and support!


    About the author

    Who are we?

    Composed of about 26 talented students, aged between 20 and 31, our team is eager to create something special. We are committed to artistic and technical professionalism, and we all share a huge passion for telling stories in a unique way.

    Principal Team:

    Afonso Brandão (Producer; Distribution Manager)

    Gabriel Vaz (Director)

    Ricardo Cardoso (Director)

    João Pereirinha (Director of Photography)

    Sofia Cruz (Art Director)

    Tomás Figueria (Lighting Technician / Gaffer)

    Lourenço Ramos (1st Assistant Camera)

    Duarte Marques (Camera Operator)

    Tomás Gonçalves (Editor)

    Leitura do guião, contracenação de duas atrizes.

    Budget and due dates

    Shooting Dates: May 8th to 12th

    Total Budget: €3050

    Expenses for Shooting and Post-Production:

    - Transport: €400

    - Food: €1500

    - Art and Decoration: €1000

    - Other expenses: €150

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