GALA & WORKSHOPS - With "Nacional Ballet Stars"

GALA & WORKSHOPS - With "Nacional Ballet Stars"

Innovative project to promote the art of classical and contemporary dance, we are counting with the participation of promising young people in this area.

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Innovative project to promote the art of classical and contemporary dance, we are counting with the participation of promising young people in this area.

National Ballet Stars is an organization, created by a group of young people, whose main objective is the dissemination of classical and contemporary dance in Portugal, in order to attract even more young people to this ancient art with not enough roots in our country.

A dancer in his training, has to learn very early that only with discipline, work, motivation, rigor and a lot of determination will he be able to reach his goal, but this learning process is valid for all young people.

We need your help so that more young people can discover the beauty of this art.

EBN will hold Galas and Workshops, with the most promising figures from the world of classical and contemporary dance in Portugal, as a divulgation method.

The planet without dancing would be a very monotonous place - Let's make the change together by collaborating with EBN.


About the author

National Ballet Stars is an organization created by a group of young dancers, with the intention of making the art of dance reach the whole country, and making it accessible to everyone.

Our group consists of dancers who work in Portugal and abroad, and who share the same thought that there is a lack of events promoting dance, and an inexistence of opportunities for young dancers.


Francisco Morais

Born in Aveiro, where he started his journey in dance. He finished his studies in Lisbon as a finalist student at the The National Conservatory Dance School in 2019. Nowadays he is a professional dancer at the National Dance Company of Portugal.

Beatriz Costa

Born in Almada, she is currently a professional dancer at the Ballet de Catalunya, in Barcelona. She completed her studies at the National Conservatory Dance School in 2019.

Catarina Abreu

In 2011, she joined The National Conservatory Dance School, in Lisbon, and graduated in 2019, after completing 8 years in professional dance education. She is currently continuing her professional studies at the Codarts dance college in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

EBN - Bailarina

Budget and due dates


- The total raised in this campaign will be used to:

  • Creation of a quota society - 360 €
  • Hiring dancers and teachers - 1245 €
  • Contractors stay - 540 €
  • Transportation - 500 €
  • Merchandising - 355 €

We need to reach the amount of € 3305 by the end of May 2021, in order to be able to finance the holding of the Gala, the Workshops and all the publicity of the event.

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    Dance and Thank You Video

    Video of a dance rehearsal by one of the stars that will be presented at our gala. We will email the video.

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    Dance Videos and Acknowledgment Video

    We will send, in an email, two videos of solos or rehearsals of invited dancers from our gala.

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