Hot Meals for Ukraine via Poland
Ajuda Ucrânia

Hot Meals for Ukraine via Poland

Poland is receiving thousands of refugees, mostly women and children. We need to raise funds to help an Association buy and prepare hot meals to get to the border with Ukraine.

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Poland is receiving thousands of refugees, mostly women and children. We need to raise funds to help an Association buy and prepare hot meals to get to the border with Ukraine.

Following the war in Ukraine, my home country of Poland is taking in thousands of refugees, mostly women and children. Several organizations and individuals are supporting those who need it most at this delicate time.
In a small village, Tluszcz, near Warsaw, my relatives are part of an Association that promotes regional culture, which in recent weeks has been fully dedicated to food aid for refugees from Ukraine together with other local associations.

Volunteers from this Association travel in their own cars to the border with Ukraine, a distance of approximately 400 km, to deliver hot meals to refugees, and on their return they bring Ukrainian families to our region.
Meals are also delivered to Warsaw's central railway station, where around 2000 women and children are currently sleeping on the floor, waiting for a train to the other side of Poland and to other countries.
The needs are huge and the volunteers are tireless, but as they are a local Association they need more funds to be able to respond adequately.

In addition to this humanitarian disaster, there is also a sharp devaluation of the Polish currency, the Zloty, which makes the monetary contribution from abroad even more important.

The Polish people are particularly sensitive to the victims of this war and are currently with their hearts and doors open, to welcome the victims of the Ukrainian nation, which is being barbarically and inexplicably punished.

At the moment, funds are needed, mainly for the purchase of food products, diapers and hygiene products.

So I ask everyone, those who want to join this cause, asking for your help to those who help the most, namely to these volunteers who are daily on the ground and in the first line of support.

About the author

Emilia Piotrowska, an immigrant from Poland, I have lived in Portugal since 2004. I am a mother of two children (Olivia, 8 years old and Antonio, 3 years old).

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I have watched with tears the tragedy of thousands of Ukrainian families. However, it is with great pride that I see my fellow countrymen from Poland, opening their hearts and their homes to those who need it most.

We cannot just continue to observe this tragedy, we have to help. Every euro counts. Thanks

Budget and due dates

The forecast is to raise €2,000, within 10 days, for urgent delivery to the Association. A daily expense of around €200 on food is foreseen, which corresponds to 10 days.

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    Ter a oportunidade de ajudar , também é uma dádiva divina. Bem Haja aos mentores do projecto e as todas as pessoas envolvidas. Que a Paz ,o Amor e Glória volte