Help me finance my studies

Help me finance my studies

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Please read the detailed information below

After two years studying as a politics undergraduate in Coventry University, I completed the second year of my degree with a 2.1 (65%) average. Finishing my degree is my main goal but it will be very hard to finish it without financial help.
Concerning my journey. I was born in Lisbon and I am the middle child of 5. My family’s situation is unorthodox and hard to explain. I cannot and do not want to discuss it in depth. Unfortunately, my financial situation has constrained and restricted my life so far.  When I decided to move to the UK to work and study, I was only 18. I had a little money saved up for the first few weeks and I rapidly realised the implications of my decision. In my first year. I worked a lot in all kinds of jobs which conditioned my studies, my wellbeing and personal life. I was able to return to Coventry for my second year due to a scholarship given to me by the foundation were my mother was working. This allowed me to work less hours during the first semester but during the second semester I was missing classes working at the university´s gym and I was still coming up short for rent. 

 The 3rd year of my course will be more demanding than the preceding ones. I have a larger timetable, international trips and I have to write a dissertation.

 During my course, I have obviously looked at easier funding solutions such as a scholarship or a loan. Scholarships are minimalistic and usually restricted to certain groups. I cannot get a loan from student loans because I am not eligible, and banks will not lend me money due to my lack of credit and guarantor. 

 Therefore, I ask; if you have the chance, help me fulfil my goal. I will be extremely thankful for any contribution, which I intend to acknowledge  in my dissertation. I also promise to try my best and use my education to pay back your help with my work of direct action in our society. 

About the author

Hello dear friends, family, acquaintances and others. My name is David Cohen and I am 20 years old. Allow me to share some of my experience with you, explaining why I need your help.

Budget and due dates

The value of every donation will be used for the sole purpose of helping me manage my finances during my final year of university. 

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    A promise to retrieve with my activism the trust you are giving me

    I hope to show you that your investment will be returned with my contribution in improving the world we live in.

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