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Help Rebuild Quinta Das Vinte Quelhas

The fire in Serra da Estrela reached Quinta das Vinte Quelhas (Viçosa Village). We asked for help for the reforestation and reconstruction of the family apiary of our friend Mig...

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The fire in Serra da Estrela reached Quinta das Vinte Quelhas (Viçosa Village). We asked for help for the reforestation and reconstruction of the family apiary of our friend Miguel Veiga.

The fire of gigantic proportions that has been raging since August 6th in the famous Serra da Estrela unfortunately hit Quinta das Vinte Quelhas, in Aldeia Viçosa. Miguel Veiga lost his orchard, olive trees, apiary, agricultural machinery, animal feed, and much more when forest fires devastated his beautiful farm. Fortunately, the animals were rescued, but what was left was coal. This is an urgent fundraising campaign to support reforestation and reconstruction of our friend's family apiary who depend on agro-ecological production.

We hope to immediately start reforesting Quinta das Vinte Quelhas, in Aldeia Viçosa, with native trees, in order to respect the environment and ensure that such a catastrophe does not happen again. We will also accept any native trees you wish to plant on our farm as a thank you for your support.

In addition to contributing to reforestation, this initiative also aims to raise the first money to rebuild the bee house and restore the first colonies, it will be a difficult path and for that we need your help.

In a second phase we plan to install solar panels on the farm to provide sustainable energy and reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we will dedicate a portion of the farm to research and education to inspire the next generation of farmers and help them learn about the importance of sustainable farming practices.


About the author

Miguel Veiga is a vegan chef, advocate for animal non-cruelty, connoisseur and scholar of edible mushrooms, bee advocate, nature lover and practitioner of ecological solutions in his land. With the father, Mr. José Pires Veiga, he grows vegetables, fruits, raises bees, goats and donkeys at Quinta das Vinte Quelhas. Miguel is from the district of Guarda and lives in Aldeia Viçosa, both locations in the Beira Alta region of Portugal.

Miguel is a wonderful example of how to show love and respect for all living beings and be an important advocate for animal and environmental non-cruelty. The attention he shows to the plants and animals on his Quinta and the respect with which he treats the bees are deeply moving. It is wonderful to see a person who advocates for bee rights and understands the importance of their pollination work. The healthy foods he grew and offered for sale are also a great example, especially for those with dietary restrictions.

In recent years, he has devoted himself to the cultivation of edible mushrooms and in the process discovers many delicious varieties that have been lost to the modern world. Miguel is a guest chef at various events across the country. He is active in the Climate Movement and an advocate for Ecological Agriculture.

Miguel went to RTP1 a few months ago on a cooking show to demonstrate his skills in Vegan cooking, the feedback was very positive regarding Miguel's work and he was praised for his efforts to make Vegan cooking so easy and tasty using mainly the products of Quinta das Vinte Quelhas.

He believes in the power of communication and knowledge sharing to create a better world.


Budget and due dates

After this fire, there are a number of things we are going to do to help reforest. We will plant trees and other plants to help protect the farm from the next fire that may occur. We will remove any dead or damaged trees from the property as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard in the future. By taking these measures, we will ensure that Quinta das Vinte Quelhas is safe and protected from future forest fires.

It is important to decide which trees are most likely to survive after a fire. Some species, such as oaks, will likely survive and grow back. Others, like pines and cypresses, may not survive or grow back either.

A tree can take up to 10 years before it can produce fruit or seedlings. It is important to remember that many trees are not safe to plant in an area damaged by fire.

As all the hives were destroyed by fire, we are not going to just buy some bees and wait for them to return to the old hive. Instead, let's create a suitable habitat for them. If all the necessary conditions are present, our bees will spend years rebuilding their hives.

There are many ways to bring bees back after a fire. One way is to get a loyal hive of bees that have survived and built a new home. Unfortunately this is not the case, so we will have to buy some bees and put them in the place where they lost their colony. We are also going to buy a swarm that has never been in any kind of hive before. This is an excellent option to start with a brand new colony, and it's also a good way to restart an established hive. Regardless of the method used, we will follow all the rules of beekeeping so that hives can thrive.

Another way to bring bees back after a fire is to help them find their way home. For this we will leave food out and make some special brands nearby, so they can find their way back home.

To reforest the 7 hectares of Quinta das Vinte Quelhas, rebuild the apiary and pay salaries to those involved, PPL fees and VAT, 5,000.00 EUROS are needed.

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  • Anonymous

    17/10/2022 - 06:15

    Que possa reconstruir o seu sonho. Continue a acreditar.

  • Manuel António

    16/10/2022 - 11:07

    Coragem. Estou disponivel para ajudar com mão de obra

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    15/10/2022 - 18:24

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    Coragem para recomeçar! Boa sorte para este projecto de vida!

  • Raquel Lucas

    10/10/2022 - 10:16

    Para ajudar a reconstruir a Quinta Das Vinte Quelhas

  • aqui contribuicao

    09/10/2022 - 21:24

    boa sorte e muita perseverância com a reconstrução e a papelada para receber os fundos do governo! clara

  • Anonymous

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    08/10/2022 - 23:12

    Filho de Manteiguenses... Família Ambrósio,,, Que tudo corra pelo melhor!!!

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    08/10/2022 - 12:11

    Força nisso!

  • Cristina Monteiro

    08/10/2022 - 09:12

    muita forca

  • Angela Vissers

    06/10/2022 - 14:33

    I sold my Donkey broches to Ramsey, Rob, Anna, Cyrille, Willemijn, Anita, Floor and my mother. Thank you very much. The donkeyfarm will be pretty again soon 😀

  • Ana Veiga

    04/10/2022 - 17:51

    Uma pequena ajuda para ti meu irmão

  • Will Moore

    29/09/2022 - 20:47

    Good luck and take care!

  • Angela Vissers

    26/09/2022 - 18:39

    Thanks to the people that bought a donkey broche.

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    24/09/2022 - 15:14

    Coragem e determinação Zé e Miguel. Mirna

  • Ana Luísa Veiga Segura

    24/09/2022 - 14:47