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One Smile for a Turban

"If I had not wanted hair...feel confident, more beautiful, more womanly." Help us to offer turbans for women without hair, following chemotherapy treatments.

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"If I had not wanted hair...feel confident, more beautiful, more womanly." Help us to offer turbans for women without hair, following chemotherapy treatments.

With the help of each one the social project "One smile for a turban" (1 Turbante 1 Sorriso) intends to offer approximately 70 turbans to women without hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

Os nossos Turbantes.

This project will be funded throughout Crowdfunding, and will benefit the patients of the Oncology Service of the Hospital de São Bernardo at Setúbal. The Hospital Managing Board and its healthcare professionals totally support this project.

In what concerns to turbans they are made in Portugal in Fábrica dos Chapéus. They have an original and reversible model and are extremely easy to use, which is an important benefit for these patients, who frequently neither have time and patience to take care of their image.

The turbans will raise the self-esteem of these women. They get stronger when being comfortable with their look, and that may contribute to the success of the treatments.

To those who contribute the best reward is the smile of someone.

About the author

My name is Manuela Lopes and I was born in 1959, in Beja. I have moved to Setúbal when I was still a child and I have been living there since then. I´m married and I have a daughter and a son. I have been working at Academia de Música e Belas Artes Luisa Tody, a school where the students receive education in arts.

It is indeed in the domain of arts that I have mostly developed my career, having a big passion for Fashion. In this project I see the possibility to get together Fashion and the Social Cause, which is also part of my philosophy for life!


A Promotora do projeto.

Budget and due dates

The amount gathered in crowdfunding will be used exclusively to pay for the turbans to Fábrica dos Chapéus (22,29 euros/unit + VAT). Other expenses like communication and transport of the turbans will by supported by the Promoter. The project will be released in middle-December 2014 (logo, video, facebook, among others) and it is planned to run for 61 days. This crowdfunding intends to have about 300 contributors (people and institutions), within values of 5 to 100 euros.
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    Thanks for Facebook and e-mail

    The best reward of this project is a smile, the smile of someone. So at the end of the project a thank you to supporters on Facebook and by email will be done.

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    Thanks + photos of the delivery of the turbans

    Previous + sending it by e-mail photographs of the time of delivery of turbans. Will be photos to immortalize not one but many smiles.

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    1 Turban

    The turbans we want to offer are really trendy. Therefore we can expect some contributors to want a turban for themselves. Turbans should be used by everyone! When contributing with an amount > 50 euros you will receive a turban, which will be send to your place by mail.

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  • susete.casimiro

    Apoie com 50€ ou mais e obtenha 1 turbante

    Gostaria de saber se os turbantes referidos nesta campanha (1 turbante pelo apoio com 50 euros ou mais) foram enviados aos apoiantes da campanha!

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  • Jorge Paulo Prazeres

    1 Turbante 1 Sorriso

    Eis uma iniciativa extraordinária para apoiar a auto-estima de todas as mulheres que passam por tratamentos oncológicos. Este projecto apenas pretende fazer chegar às mulheres que precisem, e que o desejem, um simples meio de realçar a sua feminilidade e de as manter seguras da sua imagem. Apoiem esta causa solidária.

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