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Fundraising for the Novo Futuro Association

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Fundraising for the Novo Futuro Association

This campaign aims to raise the awareness of the largest number of people to the reality of the Novo Futuro Association, which started its activity in 1995, currently has 8 houses in the municipalities of Cascais, Lisbon, Sintra and Vila Nova de Gaia and welcomes 75 children and young people (ages between 6 and 21 years old), with traumatic life histories that are withdrawn from families and are handed over by the juvenile courts or by the CPCJ (Child and Youth Protection Commissions).

The main objective of the Novo Futuro Association is to integrate all children and young people into a family dynamic, at school and in the neighborhood where they live, with the routines, tasks and responsibilities that we all know. The success of this integration is fundamental so that they can overcome traumas of deprivation, abuse and mistreatment that they experienced and that affected their development, teaching them “to tolerate frustration and sadness and to celebrate joy”.

With a very high fixed cost structure, the objective is to try to raise the largest amount possible to help Associação Novo Futuro.

You can follow the project on the Instagram page Run & Charity:

Local de saída

About the author

The Run & Charity project started to take shape during the mandatory confinement period that we were all subjected to because of Covid-19. The lack of evidence this year, coupled with my individual need to have goals to continue training on a regular basis as well as the serious economic and social crisis that we are in and will continue to experience in the coming months, led me to move forward with this solidarity project . This project essentially aims to support social solidarity institutions through solidarity crowdfunding campaigns where they can contribute with any amount.

On a personal level, my name is Bernardo Corrêa de Sá, I'm 40 years old, married, father of 3 children and a lawyer by profession. I have participated in numerous 10km and 21km events, having already participated and concluded three marathons (2017, 2018 and 2020) ..


Budget and due dates

All funds raised in this campaign will be fully donated to Associação Novo Futuro.

The idea is that the campaign will run for an extended period - about 45 days - to disseminate to the largest number of people possible.

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Caros apoiantes, Em primeiro lugar, muito obrigado pela vossa generosa contribuição para esta causa. Por motivos ligados ao maldito Covid-19, informo que irei estar em quaren...

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  • Run Charity


    Caros apoiantes,
    Em primeiro lugar, muito obrigado pela vossa generosa contribuição para esta causa.
    Por motivos ligados ao maldito Covid-19, informo que irei estar em quarentena até ao final deste mês, o que me obriga a suspender os treinos bem como a minha prova do próximo dia 01/11/2020.
    A nova data designada para a I Ultramaratona Run & Charity, a favor das crianças e jovens da Associação NOvo Futuro é o dia 15/11/2020. Com exceção da nova data, tudo o resto se mantém inalterado.
    Caso possam (e ainda não o tenham feito) divulguem sff este projeto junto dos vossos contactos.
    Vamos formar uma enorme onda de solidariedade.
    Um abraço,
    Bernardo Corrêa de Sá
    (Run & Charity)

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