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STRATOSPOLCA - Let's go to space

Help us to bring our experience to the stratosphere. We are a group of university students and we want to send a gamma radiation detector in a stratospheric balloon.

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Help us to bring our experience to the stratosphere. We are a group of university students and we want to send a gamma radiation detector in a stratospheric balloon.

We are a group of students from the University of Coimbra, from different fields of study. We are currently participating in the BEXUS program, the result of a partnership between SNSA (Swedish National Space Agency) and DLR (German Aerospace Center).

Our project consists of a radiation detector in the order of the gamma wavelength that will fly in a stratospheric balloon. With our data we hope to improve future international experiences and better understand the massive celestial bodies that emit this radiation.
The project is done by us students in its entirety. From the concept of design, electronics, simulations, dissemination and analysis.

However, we need funds to buy the materials needed to build electronics and isolate the experience.

Help us to take our experience to the skys and to understand a little more what our stars tell us.

The flight will be between 9 and 19 October this year in Kiruna, Sweden.

More information on our website:

About the author

The group consists of twenty-one students, aged between nineteen and twenty-seven, from all over the country, from the University of Coimbra in the Physics, Physical Engineering, Electrotechnical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Medicine courses.

We are divided into seven working groups: Leadership, Science, Hardware and Design, Software, Outreach, Documentation, Simulation and Tests.

Initially, the project team was composed of eight students belonging to the Section of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astronautics of the Academic Association of Coimbra (SAC), but along the stages more elements joined.

Budget and due dates


Our experience was selected in December 2019. In February of this year we passed the Preliminary Design Review. On May 15th we presented the Critical Design Review, and on July 20th we will present the Integration Progress Review. This means that our experience is already defined and we are currently assembling and testing the experience, however we still lack material. Then in August / September we will present the Experiment Acceptance Review, if we are accepted at this stage we will launch the experiment in October. In January we will present the analysis of the data obtained.


The € 3500 raised will be used to purchase material necessary for the experience (support equipment and assembly components) and to transport it and the launch team to the launch site.

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