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'Segue a Tua Natureza' project aims to create a bridge between young people and Nature. With the right knowledge in place, applied to real natural contexts, we will contribute t...

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'Segue a Tua Natureza' project aims to create a bridge between young people and Nature. With the right knowledge in place, applied to real natural contexts, we will contribute to ensure that today's young people become citizens who are aware of the Nature's identity value, giving it a voice and visibility!

After the success of the first edition of 'Segue a Tua Natureza', which took nine young people to Pico Island, in the Azores, the time has come to launch the second edition of this project.

'Segue a Tua Natureza' promotes nature literacy, aiming to shad some light over themes related to the natural protected areas allowing for the appropriation of nature identity by young people, both inside and outside school.

In the form of six webisodes, young people are taken on a journey through the Classified Areas, Ecosystem Services and Key Species of our country, as well as the possible and most desirable strategies for a sustainable enjoyment of these sensitive spaces, through Sports and Nature Tourism, Well-being through Nature and Environmental Advocacy. After the learning process, they will have to apply these concepts in the shooting of a short video promoting their Classified Area of choice, aiming to win an opportunity to participate in the documentary trip that, this year, will be hosted in the oldest island in the Azores - Santa Maria.

The support from the Azores exists! But we need all the help we can get to ensure that the 2nd edition really becomes a reality! So, for now, we will be focusing on the training phase of the project, with the production of the six webisodes. The money we are asking for will be used to filming, direction and production of the webisodes, as well as logistic expenses. We - and the Nature of our Country - are counting on you to make this happen! Thank you all.

About the author

The Associação Portuguesa de Turismo em Espaços Rurais e Naturais (APTERN) was created in 2004 to defend the interests of young professionals and entrepreneurs of rural and natural areas sector, but also, to defend the interests of nature, which is the basis of the activity of this entire business field.

'Segue a Tua Natureza' was created as part of APTERN's Activities Plan and very quickly became one of its reference projects, along with the consultancy and funded training that have been the core of the Association's activity.

Budget and due dates


Project Presentation

Video Teaser

6 Webisodes 4000€

Staff travel and food costs



Filming and editing the webisodes - December 2022

Dissemination of the webisodes - January 2023

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    Digital Calendar 2023 'Follow Your Nature'

    Digital calendar for the year 2023, with tips on nature, based on the STN methodology.

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    We plant a native tree for you

    We plant a native tree for you. We will plant a tree of an indigenous species for you, just because your help was precious. You will receive a photo and the coordinates of the time and place of planting.

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    Environmental Action - Let's plant a 'Miyawaki' tiny-forest

    You will be part of a unique experience - participate in an environmental action to create a tiny-forest, by using an innovative method created by the Japanese botanist Miyawaki. This method involves optimising the planting of forests in order to restore biodiversity in small plots of land. Action to be developed in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area or surrounding areas.

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    STN guided pedestrian trail

    Participation in a STN guided experience - a pedestrian trail where we will reflect on all the themes covered by 'Segue a Tua Natureza'. This activity will take place in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area or surrounding areas.

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    STN Forest Bathing Experience

    Engaging in a wellbeing experience with Nature, based on the 'Shinrin Yoku' (Forest Bathing) methodology. A sensorial and contemplative experience, inspired by the principles of 'Segue a Tua Natureza'. This activity will take place in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area or in surrounding areas. Escreve para Sara Duarte

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