All for Spera!
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All for Spera!

On 23/01/2019 a men was found atacking a group of dogs and we tried to save one of them. Want to know more about this case?

On 23/01/2019 a men was found atacking a group of dogs and we tried to save one of them. Want to know more about this case?

On the 23/01/2019 we came across with an individual, assaulting a group of dogs and we managed to save one of them.

The animal was soon sent to the veterinary office of St. Bernard, where it is receiving treatment every day, being a huge expense in medicines and fuel.

A complaint was made to the authorities, so this process as you know has some costs.

In this way we decided to create a fundraising (many people asked to create), in order to try to provide all necessary care for Spera.

Thanks to all those who have somehow helped Spera!

About the author

We are the witnesses who saw what happened to Spera and the other 2 animals in the hands of this individual.

We want justice to happen to this individual and we want to provide Spera with all the necessary help in order to facilitate her recovery.

We also speak on behalf of all those who have somehow helped Spera and all the animals that died in the hands of the King of Cattle. ALL WE SUPPORT THIS CAUSE WE ARE PROMOTERS OF THIS CAMPAIGN.

Budget and due dates

Where will the funds be used?
-Treatments in the veterinarian's office of São Bernardo and subsequent castration when it is to deliver to the person who will adopt her (still we do not know the total value of the account, since we are in a very early stage of the treatment).
-Help to buy some medicines and necessary materials (sales, diapers, wipes) for the daily care of the Spera (about 10 € per week, an amount incalculable right now).
-Help shipping costs. (we do every day about 20 km to go take in the morning and another 20 km to bring it at night, about 5 € in fuel plus 2 € tolls daily).
-Help for Spera's food that at this moment can only eat pâtés (between € 5 to € 10 a week).
-Help to support future expenses that may arise, related to the judicial process of this case (For example, the legal rate of € 204, among others at this time unknown).

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100% reached

WE DID IT! We met our initial target but the fundraising can continue

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50% reached

We've just achieved half the target! The glass is now more full than empty ;)

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First five backers

We've gathered the first 5 backers. Hurray!

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    É extremamente importante que a "besta" que agrediu os animais seja levada à justiça!

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    Para ajudar nas despesas

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    Bem hajam pela vossa iniciativa. Força querida Spera!


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    Boa sorte.