Ajude-nos a terminar nossa cozinha comunitária de construção ecológica!
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Ajude-nos a terminar nossa cozinha comunitária de construção ecológica!

Since 6 month we are building a community kitchen out of natural material. We wanna create a space where we, our guests, family and friends can spend time together and take ca...

Since 6 month we are building a community kitchen out of natural material. We wanna create a space where we, our guests, family and friends can spend time together and take care of our and their well-being through delicious vegan,regional and healthy food. A kitchen is always the center of life and therfore we cannot wait to finish it.

In 2021 we were able to finally buy the land and buildings of SerVivo after 4 years of renting.

From there on we started even more to improve our home, we renovated our dance studio, layed a beautiful wooden floor and renovated and insulated our living room. And then we started planning the building of a new kitchen as the one we have is slowly falling apart, leaky and way too small for the amount of people. If we then have events and facilitator are cooking for our guests, the Servivians cannot even use there own kitchen.

So this kitchen is so needed for our sense of well-being our gathering and at the same time for our guests and family from outside to offer a space for their culinary needs. So this is a big dream coming truth!

Last state form these days ( May 2023 ). We are almost there.

We got help from an eco building specialized architect who made beautiful first sketches. After that we worked together with LIVE WITH EARTH (https://www.livewithearth.org/), an Organization for Global Sustainable Development by actions in Portugal. With their knowledge we organized two building camps the last months on our property,where they teached us the base of ecobuilding. With the help of many hands we made Cob ( a natural building material made from subsoil, water, fibrous organic material ) to build the walls. We dug into the earth to make a SuperAdobe-foundation and a drainage and built the roof on a complicated wooden structure.

Now after 6 months of building with a lot of great helpers, the walls are almost done. But we had to realize that we cannot earn enough money with our events to cover all the costs for the next building-phase. To finish the kitchen we need to install waterlines, electricity and a floor, one inner wall and of course a kitchen needs interior. And with all the furniture and kitchen applications, one more insulation is needed. Our very last aim is then to build a big greenhouse along the southside of the kitchen, for both, for insulation of the building and using the space to grow our own herbs and veggies.

So we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign, so all the effort was not in vain.

About the author

SerVivo is a venue, which holds space for living and exploring authenticity, connection and joy. We support integral human development, co-creating a global culture of trust and heartful connection, inspired by the wisdom of nature. We aim to realize our vision by promoting individual and collective learning, growth and empowerment through arts, nature and somatic practices.

Located in a valley of the Natural Park of Arrábida, we are surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The tranquility and energy brings a sense of peace that allows rest, regeneration and transformation.

Today the co-living consists of 7 core team members and a fluctuating group of volunteers, together maintaining and improving the space to make it an even better place. We share time, work, meditation, dance, communication, and many other practices which we believe will inspire and assist us and others in living a more connected, joyful and love-filled life.

Our Coreteam

Budget and due dates

Since we are building already since 2022 we caused already some costs around 5000 €. 2400 € we paid for two building camps and 2600 € for materials for the roof, sand and gravel, pipes, wood and electricity.

What is coming up now are costs round about 5.000 € for:

  • the floor 400 €

  • interior walls 400 €

  • interior extra insulation towards the ceiling 300 €

  • and the whole kitchen interior including stove and fridges, a boiler etc. 3600 €

  • Installation of water and make gutters on the outside 300 €


  • We just finished the roof and walls.

  • In June we will start with the floor, that will take like a month.

  • In June we will also have another building camp with " Live With Earth" ( https://www.instagram.com/livewithearth/ ) to put 2 exterior protective layers on the walls.

  • From July on we are working on an extra insulation of the ceiling and the whole interior.

We aim to have the kitchen finished by the end of the year 2023. In 2024 we´re planning as well a greenhouse that will be attached to the south wall to grow plants and keep the heat out.

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