Uniraid 23 - Solidarity Material for Morocco
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Uniraid 23 - Solidarity Material for Morocco

UNIRAID is a trip whose goal is solidarity. Help us go to Morocco and take the car full of solidarity materials to distribute to children and families in remote and extreme pove...

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UNIRAID is a trip whose goal is solidarity. Help us go to Morocco and take the car full of solidarity materials to distribute to children and families in remote and extreme poverty areas, where help does not always reach.

The UNIRAID activity consists of a solidarity raid whose main objective is to deliver solidarity material (could range from school supplies, toys, wheelchairs, clothing, hygiene products, etc.) from north to south of Morocco. This event is aimed mainly at teams made up of 2 members and 1 car, who face the Moroccan desert for nine days (plus travel days to Morocco and back to Portugal. This trip is carried out in cars that are at least 20 years old.

What differentiates this activity from many others that also exist in Morocco and with old cars, is the social nature .
This was the main key to wanting to participate in uniraid and we hope to take all kinds of things, from school supplies and
toys to feminine hygiene items, oral hygiene, wheelchairs, etc. In our case, the car we are taking is a Renault 5, from 1983.

An activity of this size obviously has associated costs, in order to guarantee our safety, including food, mechanical staff, medical staff if necessary, sanitary conditions, among many other things. In addition to the Uniraid expenses, we also have the expenses associated with preparing the car, as well as the goods we are going to take, although we are trying to find a large part through fundraising and/or sponsorships.

In this way, help is not only necessary to be able to go to Morocco, but also to fill the car with materials to distribute. 50% of the fundraising will be used to purchase charitable material for us to take, and 50% will go towards helping us with registration or car preparation costs.

About the author

We are Ana and Simão, both 26 years old, from Leiria and we are the team "The Sandwishers" that will participate in Uniraid.

Ana is a videographer. She was once a Girl Scout and this "streak" of adventure and concern for others was what made her want to participate in this activity. His taste for audiovisual and cinema made him want to document this experience as much as possible to try to reach more young people, and who knows, awaken the curiosity of someone to participate.

Simão is a Computer Engineer. In addition to the IT field, it can be said that he is a genius in almost everything. He likes to be constantly learning and loves doing DIY things. The fact that you know how to deal with almost everything will certainly come in handy when we have a problem in Morocco!

We have never restored a car, done a rally or raid like this, and we have never left Europe. This will be a 3 in 1, as we will put ourselves completely to the test, learning more about cars and their mechanics, how to drive a car in the desert, how to orient ourselves with just a roadbook and a compass, among many other adventures that we will certainly experience.

For us, this is leaving our comfort zone, and we believe that seeking out discomfort is a way to grow and improve.

Budget and due dates

The activity will be from the 10th to the 18th of February , however we still have a round trip. Counting 2 days to Algercias (where we will catch the ferry) and 2 back to Leiria, totaling at least 13 days.

Such an activity obviously entails numerous costs.

We would obviously like to reduce the costs of registering and preparing the car a little so that we can make the trip as successfully and safely as possible, but we would also like donations to contribute to what we are going to deliver to the children and their families. In this way, we considered that 50% of the amount we raised will be to buy materials to take , and the remaining half to help us actually be able to go to Uniraid with the car prepared.

Cost of the activity €1990 which includes:

  • Own camps in the middle of the desert with half board (breakfast and dinner).
  • Transport of the vehicle and the two participants by Ferry, round trip. (Algeciras – Tangier).
  • Mechanical assistance in Moroccan territory, within the scope of the itinerary proposed by the Organization, between Meknes and TangerMed.
  • Technical, health and mechanical support throughout the raid.

Estimated cost of fuel required €400-500

In addition to purchasing the car, its preparation involved several costs, having already reached €700

PPL fundraising objective: €1100, of which €101.48 are PPL commissions

IMPORTANT: Every help counts! If you are thinking of helping us with this campaign, even if it's just €1, make sure you have the "unconditional support" option ticked. So, even if we don't manage to reach the goal of €1100, we receive the amount achieved.

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