Sami- Always believe- No to PIF!
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Sami- Always believe- No to PIF!

My baby Sami, he got the damn FIP. This disease was fatal until very recently. Fortunately there is experimental treatment with a success rate of between 80 and 90%. H...

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My baby Sami, he got the damn FIP. This disease was fatal until very recently. Fortunately there is experimental treatment with a success rate of between 80 and 90%. Help me to help you!!

Campaign to pay the medical costs necessary for my baby Sami to pass the PIF.

Sami is a very affectionate kitten, 4 months old and he has been fighting a very hard fight these last few days and unfortunately he has been diagnosed with FIP.

FIP is a nasty and until recently fatal disease. But currently there is already a treatment that can help fight and overcome this cursed disease. Unfortunately, treatment involves several side dishes, medication and supplements to give you strength and will to live! As you can imagine the costs are very high and we need everyone's help. He has a lot of desire and today he has already started the treatment, because I reacted well to the blood transfusion. For now, we got the first bottles!! But we need help for the following.

Thank you all for your help and support!

Share my request for help so we can get as much help as possible!

The treatment will consist of at least 84 injections, among which I will have to do several tests and I cannot stop, not even 1 day!

To beat this little bug, you'll need lots of cuddles!

Thank you so much and lots of licks! 🤍

About the author

I'm Xana, Sami's mammy.

I am in love with animals, they are my comfort, my source of energy, which warm my heart.

Every day I give treats (little snacks and dry food) to the kittens who live here in the neighborhood. There are about 30! All cute and affectionate. I comfort them, keep them company and caress them. They are my babies at heart.

I love my baby and will fight to help him win this fight against PIF! I will not give up, ever!!

Budget and due dates

Sami is hospitalized, and between tests, transfusions and medication, the bill already exceeds €1000.

And he will already start the injections, and at least he will have 84 doses, which will correspond to around €850.

You will have to have follow-up exams every 4 weeks, which should exceed €500.

So I need help! Any support will be important for this process!


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