Help Rebuild a Lost Home and Livelihood
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Help Rebuild a Lost Home and Livelihood

Help Carlos rebuild not just a house, but his independence, dignity after a devastating fire. Your generosity will make all the difference. Join us to spread hope and change liv...

Help Carlos rebuild not just a house, but his independence, dignity after a devastating fire. Your generosity will make all the difference. Join us to spread hope and change lives. Thank you for being part of this fresh start

Dear friends, family and kind-hearted people,

Today, I come to you with an urgent appeal on behalf of a man whose life was turned upside down in an instant. Carlos Batista, a 61-year-old Portuguese citizen, residing in Sobral de Monte Agraço, faced a devastating tragedy on May 10, 2024. A devastating fire consumed not only his home, but also his workshop, his means of livelihood and his source of pride and independence.

Carlos is a tireless worker, known for his dedication to his profession and his community. He not only lost the roof over his head, but also the place where he dedicated much of his life, creating and repairing with his own hands.

In this desperate time, Carlos needs our support more than ever. He faces the monumental challenge of rebuilding not only a home, but also his source of income. Without his workshop, he finds himself in a desolate situation, with no means to support himself.

That's why we launched this fundraising campaign in Carlos Batista's name. Our goal is to give him a chance to start over, to rebuild not only his home, but also his hope and dignity. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in Carlos' life.

Join us on this mission of solidarity and compassion. Let's show Carlos that he is not alone, that his community is here to support him in his time of need. Share this campaign with your friends, family and social networks. Every gesture of generosity will bring us closer to our goal of helping Carlos rebuild his life.

Let's join our hands and hearts to make a difference. Let's give Carlos the hope and support he so desperately needs at this difficult time.

Thank you very much for your generosity and solidarity.

Um pouco mais da oficina, antes do incêndio.

About the author

When a friend faces adversity, it's time to come together as a family. Carlos Batista, a dear friend from Sobral de Monte Agraço, Portugal, went through a difficult time that shook our community.

But as friends, we are determined to show Carlos that he is not alone on this journey. Since the devastating fire that took away his home and workshop, each of us has felt the impact of this blow to our hearts.

That's why we decided to come together, in a demonstration of true friendship and genuine solidarity. Each of us has a story to tell about Carlos - his smiles, his kindness, his willingness to help others. Now it's our turn to give back.

Every friend, every colleague, every person in our community is joining this cause to help Carlos rebuild his life. Our hearts are full of hope, and our hands are ready to act.

Together, let's show Carlos that he is loved, supported and valued. Let's turn pain into hope, loss into opportunity, and loneliness into community.

Carlos, we are here for you. Count on us to help you overcome this difficult time and rebuild a bright future. With friends like us by your side, there's no obstacle we can't overcome.

Thanks for being a friend, Carlos. Now, it's our turn to be your friends.

With love and solidarity, Your friends from Sobral de Monte Agraço and the entire region

Budget and due dates


  1. House Reconstruction:
    Building materials (bricks, cement, wood, etc.)
    Labor (hiring professionals for reconstruction)
    Equipment (tools, machines, etc.)
    Additional costs (fees, licenses, etc.)

  2. Workshop Reconstruction:
    Equipment and tools needed to resume activities
    Specific materials for the type of work carried out in the workshop

  3. Temporary Living Costs for Carlos:
    Temporary rental or alternative accommodation during home reconstruction
    Basic living expenses (food, utility bills, transportation, etc.)


    Pre-Launch Phase (1 week):
    Campaign preparation (content creation, photos, videos, etc.)
    Definition of fundraising goals and dissemination strategies

    Launch Phase (2 weeks):
    Start of the crowdfunding campaign
    Intensive dissemination on social networks, emails, word of mouth, etc.
    Monitoring and regularly updating the campaign with progress and thanks to donors

    Mid-Term Phase (4 weeks):
    Evaluating campaign progress
    Intensifying marketing and outreach efforts as needed

    Final Phase (7 weeks):
    Last publicity efforts to reach the fundraising goal
    Preparation for closing the campaign and final thanks to donors

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