Its my 40th birthday, but the gift is for the others
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Its my 40th birthday, but the gift is for the others

Raminhos turns 40, but the gift is for those who need it most.

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Raminhos turns 40, but the gift is for those who need it most.

Next June 27th I will be 40 years old and with the midlife crisis, there are those who buy porsche, those who go out at night with young adults of 20 years old or those who have a breast implant, although this hypothesis would be strange for me , but it is not out of the plans. I decided to try to raise, at least, six thousand euros to distribute for three different causes:

  • Believe , which supports families of children with cancer,
  • Vida e Paz Community , which is an important support for homeless people
  • Hope Porto , which has several projects for families in need at this time of pandemic.

Of course, there are other associations that I would like to help and that, eventually, may even be helped if this amount is exceeded and it will be because you do not want to go to hell.

A União Audiovisual, que apoia com cabazes, as famílias de profissionais do audiovisual pode ser outras das instituições que pode vir a ser beneficiada

About the author

António Raminhos was born in 1980 (a leap year, which started on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday), much to his parents' unhappiness. That same year, Sporting was national champion and José Cid won the Song Festival. There are those who say, however, that the birth of little António would have constituted a form of divine compensation for the losses, in that same year, of geniuses such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Alfred Hitchcock, Vinicius de Moraes or John Lennon. After 37 years, this theory remains unproven.
Professionally, he started very badly, aspiring to poverty, since he was a journalist (in the newspaper A Capital and in RTP). When he found himself unemployed, he decided to try humor. He went up to the stage for the first time in 2006 and, go ahead and find out why, people liked it. Since then, he has never stopped trying to be funny. He was a chronicler of Maxmen, celebrated on television shows like 5 for midnight or Dance with the stars and created a highly successful talk show on the Internet, entitled Bath of Vanities. Recently, he became one of the voices of the RFM Breakfast, under the heading "As Marias". The show with the same name sold out rooms across the country and now the book of the same name appears, which is really spectacular. In spite of all these more or less impressive achievements, the best thing he did in life was to have conquered his wife, Catarina, and conceived - according to him - his beautiful three marias: Maria Rita, Maria Inês and Maria Leonor.

Budget and due dates

The amount raised will be delivered directly to the three causes in an equitable manner: Associação Acreditar, Hope Porto, Comunidade Vida e Paz. If the amount is exceeded, there are other associations that can be helped, namely here in Ericeira.

The amount will be distributed in the week following the end of the campaign.

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  • Rui Pedro Ribeiro


    Bom dia
    Eu sou o Rui Pedro Ribeiro, tenho 23 anos, sou da milheirós e tenho uma doença genética, chamada de Distrofia Muscular de Duchenne. que não tem cura. Sou atualmente atleta federado do FC Porto desde 2016 na modalidade de boccia.Estou a tirar a licenciatura em Contabilidade e Administração no ISCAP. Estou atualmente a fazer uma campanha no PPL, a pedir ajuda para a compra e adaptação de uma casa adaptada às minhas necessidades. Na minha casa atual, encontro-me sem espaço, uma vez que na passagem para o meu quarto bato imensas vezes com os pés na porta, porque é estreita. Não consigo ter um quarto de banho adaptado, para ir à casa de banho a situação é pior, tenho de ficar com a cadeira no corredor e a minha mãe tem de pegar em mim ao colo, também bato com os pés na porta, e já me magoei várias vezes. , pode partilhar pf!?E se poderem apoiar nem que seja com um 1€, pq se muitos apoiarem com um pequeno valor facilmente se junta muito!! Obrigado! abraço

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  • Rui Verissimo

    É isso.

    Não precisa ser muito se todos ajudarem

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  • Rui Pedro Ribeiro


    Podem apoiar e partilhar a minha causa pf?


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