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Escola Projeto Verde is a learning community that promotes the integral development of children in the context of nature. We ask for your help to finance part of the value of ou...

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Escola Projeto Verde is a learning community that promotes the integral development of children in the context of nature. We ask for your help to finance part of the value of our Support House!

The Projeto Verde School is a Learning Community, created by the Brincadeiras Verdes Association, which promotes the integral development of children in the context of nature.

We started our activity with monthly PlayDates in the forest, open to the entire community. But we quickly felt the need and desire of these families to make this Project bigger and bigger!

Thus, it is with great happiness and emotion that we decided to open Escola Projeto Verde in September 2022. A 100% outdoor learning community that values meaningful experiences and learning through experimentation.

We ask for your help to finance part of the value of the support infrastructure for our School. Despite being an outdoor project, we will need to store our stuff and shelter when the weather conditions are more austere. We emphasize that this house, so important to us, will not only be used by the children of Escola Projeto Verde, but by the entire community that participates in our playdates, activities and workshop's.

All help will be essential to allow these learning in the context of nature!

Cozinhas de lama

About the author

Escola Projeto Verde is a project created by Associação Brincadeiras Verdes - a non-profit association based in Barreiro, created in April 2022.

The Brincadeiras Verdes Association aims to develop and implement projects that contribute to promoting the harmonious and happy development of children in the context of nature.

Legal person identification number - 516959212. learning

The Green Plays Association values:

  • The individuality and characteristics of each child;
  • Respect for the development time and rhythm of each one;
  • Free play for acquiring deep learning;
  • The natural environment (forest) for the complete development of children.

Ana e Joana - Criadoras da Associação Brincadeiras Verdes

Budget and due dates


  • Support infrastructure: €4000


  • Launch of the fundraising campaign: July;
  • Acquisition of support infrastructure: September;
  • Green Project Pine Cone

    Invest with
    10€ or more

    Green Project Pine Cone

    Thank you so much for believing in this project as we do! You will receive a Pinha - Projeto Verde made by our children as soon as the activities in nature begin. You can collect it at the Projeto Verde School.

    Hand-delivered (see above)

    28 backers

  • PlayDate Green Project

    Invest with
    20€ or more

    PlayDate Green Project

    Free entry to one of Projeto Verde's PlayDates from October 2023. Come spend a different morning playing in nature! We are very happy to be able to welcome you!

    28 backers

    Limited to 50 units. 22 remaining

  • Workshop Playing in Nature

    Invest with
    50€ or more

    Workshop Playing in Nature

    Creating our support house is a dream! By helping to contribute to its acquisition, you can also enjoy it! We offer a Playing in Nature Workshop (for adults), starting in January 2023, where you can share your experiences and learn more about outdoor education.

    4 backers

    Limited to 30 units. 26 remaining

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