Helping Mr. Pascoal means Helping Luquembo!
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Helping Mr. Pascoal means Helping Luquembo!

Luquembo's children need decent health care, and Mr. Pascoal's training is the solution! Make your contribution so that together we can pay for this inspiring Angolan's nursing ...

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Luquembo's children need decent health care, and Mr. Pascoal's training is the solution! Make your contribution so that together we can pay for this inspiring Angolan's nursing course!

Mr. Pascoal, a determined Angolan, is a prominent figure in the village of Luquembo, in the province of Malanje. He is a man with crucial responsibilities for the local community, as he manages the agricultural cooperative of Luquembo, an organization that plays a vital role in the livelihood of the population, as the rice produced is not only the main source of income for the population, but also a essential resourse for everyone's nutrition.

In addition to his dedication to the cooperative, Mr. Pascoal also works as head nurse at the local health unit. Once again, an activity of extreme importance for the community, as it provides care and medical treatment to those who need it most, including countless children in situations of extreme poverty. However, there is a challenge that needs to be overcome.

Despite his experience and skills when it comes to healthcare, Mr. Pascoal does not have a formal nursing degree. However, he recognizes the importance of adequate professional training, which would improve his knowledge and skills, and which would allow him to provide even better assistance to his community. That's how he decided to turn to Bonsae, a rice producer in the region and the Luquembo cooperative's biggest customer, to help him set up a crowdfunding campaign, with the aim of raising money to pay for the nursing course.

Mr. Pascoal's determination to pursue this training opportunity is admirable, and an inspiring example of someone who, even facing personal challenges, continually seeks ways to serve his community and break perpetual cycles of poverty. Her dedication to the cooperative and the health unit is remarkable, and the opportunity to take a nursing course will only strengthen her ability to make a difference.

Each contribution, no matter how small, represents a step towards realizing this dream.

In this sense, let's unite to support Mr. Pascoal's crowdfunding campaign, sharing his story, and contributing as much as possible so that he can acquire the necessary resources to take the nursing course, because by doing so, we will be helping strengthen the well-being of the Luquembo community and Mr. Pascoal's ability to be an agent of positive change.

As crianças, a Razão de todo o Esforço

About the author

My name is Francisco Marques, I'm 22 years old and I'm working for a company in Angola in the agricultural sector. This company has a farm in the municipality of Luquembo, Mr Pascoal's residence.

The company I work for buys a lot of rice from local producers to transform it into a finished product, and the main contact with the producers is Mr. Pascoal who facilitates this operation.

Realizing the importance it has for the community and identifying the problem, I decided with the company, to get to work and do everything possible to help.

Sr. Pascoal à Porta da Clínica

Budget and due dates


  • School Books - 200€
  • Video Editing - 180€
  • Course - 2000€
  • Total - 2380€
    • PPL Rate - 9.23%
    • Total w/ Fee - 2600€


Schools in Angola start in March, so we want to start the campaign in June so that it ends in December. Not only do we think that a campaign shouldn't take more than 3/4 months, but we also want to have everything ready so that at the end of the year you can have time to enroll, buy the books and prepare whatever you need.

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    Thanks Email

    Any donation will receive a thank you email and additional content from Mr. Pascoal's life.

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    Thank You Video

    For donations from €10, associated with the thank you email, the donor will also receive a thank you video from Mr. Pascoal.

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  • Book "AventurAfricana do Arão" - Arão Guerreiro

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    Book "AventurAfricana do Arão" - Arão Guerreiro

    A sui generis approach to living in Africa, without paternalism, without commonplaces or superficial observations. A realistic, incisive, honest and first-person account, which partly recalls the epic of Capelo and Ivens. It shows the best and worst of what life throws at us on this continent. The way in which Arão describes the different situations he is experiencing appeals both to someone who does not know this region, and even to nationals and former residents who manage with this work to review their perception of what this mixture of privilege and sacrifice that is to be born represents. or live in Africa. The focus is obviously Angola, but we are graced with reports that describe well the dichotomy between urban and rural, the idiosyncrasies and cultural aspects of both that represent almost two countries within the same. Cross-border forays into neighboring countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, São Tomé and South Africa add an additional layer of flavor, further enriching this diary and describing elements that are sometimes little known, both outside and within Africa.

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    Receive along with the letter, a personalized thank you video from Mr. Pascoal.

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  • Weekend in the Heart of Angola

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    Weekend in the Heart of Angola

    Have the unique opportunity to get to know the reality in the heart of Angola, where you will stay at the Grãos de Esperança farm with expenses included (excluding transport there). During the weekend you will be able to see hundreds of hectares of rice fields as well as the rice processing factory. In addition, get to know the comprehensive villages, and interact with their inhabitants, including Sr. Pascoal, where you can have the opportunity to live your day-to-day.

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Thu, 19/10/2023 - 10:24


Excelente noticias!!! Alcançamos ontem à tarde o grande objetivo, ter fundos para conseguir pagar o curso de enfermagem do Sr. Pascoal e todos os custos relacionados. Quer...

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Wed, 18/10/2023 - 15:48

100% reached

WE DID IT! We met our initial target but the fundraising can continue

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We've just achieved half the target! The glass is now more full than empty ;)

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  • Francisco Guimarães Marques


    Excelente noticias!!!

    Alcançamos ontem à tarde o grande objetivo, ter fundos para conseguir pagar o curso de enfermagem do Sr. Pascoal e todos os custos relacionados.

    Queremos agradecer do fundo do coração pela ajuda prestada, cada um de vós deu o que podia, e como se costuma de dizer, "Quem dá o que tem, a mais não é obrigado".

    Muito muito muito obrigado, toda a ajuda foi preciosa para alcançar este grande objetivo.

    Quanto às recompensas, agora que terminou a campanha, vamos tratar disso.

    O Sr. Pascoal está, a sua maneira, muito sensibilizado, apesar de não perceber bem todo este processo das doações.

    Mais uma vez, do fundo do coração, OBRIGADO!!!!

    (link abaixo tem o vídeo de agradecimento do Sr. Pascoal, pedimos desculpa pelo audio mas fizemos o melhor)

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