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Pride in Palmaz

So that we can participate in one more Football season and guarantee the preservation of the cultural Folklore exchanges and travel tours to our associates.

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So that we can participate in one more Football season and guarantee the preservation of the cultural Folklore exchanges and travel tours to our associates.

Associação Desportiva, Recreativa e Cultural de Palmaz is an association, fully licensed, dedicated to cultural and sporting activity (Folklore and Football), located in Plamaz, vicinity of Oliveira de Azeméis, Aveiro, Portugal.

The objective of our participation on PPL platform is to to promote the ADRCPA and to raise funds that enable our athlets to have minimum conditions and infrastructures for their sporting activities, as well as the maintenance and dissemination of cultural and ethnographic traditions of the local population through its Folklore - a very important activity to a predominantly elderly population that need this kind of activity to keep them active and happy.


Espírito de grupo, união e coragem


Additionally, the ADRCPA annually organizes tours to different regions of Portugal in order to give the opportunity of its associates, together with family and friend, to travel and get to know other customs, landscapes and different cultural realities. 

For these projects continue to be viable, and given the increasingly limited financial contribution by government entities, including the City of Oliveira de Azeméis and the Parish of Pinheiro da Bemposta, Travanca and Palmaz, and because we are creative , dynamic and enterpreneurs, we ask the support of all who want us to continue to keep alive the traditions of a region and to enable all residents to practice healthy activities and to feel pride in their village and its infrastructures.

Normally, the Association's activities are supported by sponsorship donation of small and medium-sized companies and local businesses, but mostly by the investment of the participants (Football squad players pay half their filliation to Aveiro Football Association and Folklore participants pay their own outfits, for example).

The events organized by ADRCPA or that it will participate are: 

September 2014 to May 2015 - Participation with a team in the II Division of Aveiro District Football Association 

January 2015 - Folklore and Ethnography Group perform the singing of "Janeiras" - traditional Christian street singing. Besides keeping alive a cultural tradition that seeks to reach all members, is a source of revenue to acquire equipment and clothing for the proper functioning of the Group. 

June 2015 - 25 Interchange Organization of Ethnography and Folklore with invited Groups.

October 2015 - Traditional Corn Leafless (agricultural work that draws the ear or cob of corn). Very familiar gathering with centuries of exhistence, where Folkore and Gastronomy shows are held.

About the author

The ADRCPA was established in 1978 and its senior football team competes in the II Division of Aveiro District Football Association. All the Directive Board, Technical Team and other employees are, without exception, entirely amateur and just bigotry keeps this Association still alive and breathing. 

Some of our team members are: 

  • Luis Miguel Soares - Resident in Palmaz, with a  degree in Sociology from ISCSP-UTL Lisbon and a graduate degree in Labour Law at UC-IDET Coimbra. Specialized in the area of Great Retail and Distribution, he is the Association's President; 
  • Jonny Marques - Resident in Oliveira de Azeméis, he is an Accountant and the person responsible for the Finance Department of the Association;
  • António Sousa - Resident in Vale Madeiros - Palmaz. Retired for over 20 years from his Construction Company, he is who has kept alive, with his support and tireless work, the Association, having never received any remuneration. He is a living legend and our Vice-President.
  • Renato Bastos - Resident in Oliveira de Azeméis, degree in Biomedical Sciences and MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the University of Aveiro, he is currently the Sports Director of the Association. Tireless in organizing all the details, membership club and athletes filliation.
  • Pedro Almeida - Resident in Branca - Albergaria-a-Velha, graduated in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto, Financial and Technical Projects Advisor, is the helmsman regarding the football team. Young, enthusiastic and knowledgable about the technical side of the sport, as well as a former practitioner. 
  • Pedro Vidal - Resident in Oliveira de Azeméis, degree in Hotel Management by ESHTE Estoril and post-graduate degree in Marketing Management from ISEG in Lisbon. Former practitioner of the football at the club, he is the assistant coach and responsible for the motivation and good atmosphere in the dressing room of the football team.

Budget and due dates

So that we can participate in one more Football season and guarantee the preservation of the cultural Folklore exchanges and travel tours to our associates, we would like to gather the sum of 500 €. It would be crucial that by the end of October 2014 we could gather as much amount as possible so that could allow us to help our people to fight against loneliness and lack of sporting and cultural activities that, more and more, affect the more rural areas of Portugal, suffering from aging and increasingly impoverished. Additionally, we would like to provide more and better training conditions for athletes, including training gear and equipment for our training sessions in Parque Desportivo de Palmaz, as well as small interventions in improving the comfort and convenience of the members, supporters and other spectators by painting the stadium, cleaning the stands and some other details. Additionally, and for all potential sponsors who want to join us, we have available in Parque Desportivo de Palmaz, our stadium, space for the placement of placards / banners / banner ads, as well as areas available in our shirts and shorts that can be used for advertising and give our sponsors a constant visibility in the district of Aveiro in all the home and away matches. Thus, for those who support us, we widespread their brand and logo in a district and regional level, with increasing visibility through exposure that ADRCPA has on new technologies - social networking, video sharing on YouTube, etc. The funds required for the organization of activities that ADRCPA proposes annually come, mainly, from donations granted by the local and regional business companies, and mostly from the participants' own investment, either in Folklore and Ethnographic Group and in Football, where players pay their own inscription fee in the Championship.
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    Sincere Thank You

    To all who contribute with € 5, will be mentioned with a sincere acknowledgment through a Thank You in our official Facebook Page.

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    Annual Membership Fee

    Who contributes with € 10 will have their Annual Membership Fee offered, along with a Membership Card and free access to Parque Desportivo de Palmaz Stadium during the entire football season of 2014/2015.

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    ADRCPA Official Merchandise

    With the generous contribution of € 20 we will offer an official article of ADRCPA merchandise. A magnificent short sleeve t-shirt with the Palmaz logo so you can support our team properly fitted! Shipping costs are included in and there is no additional amount to be charged.

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    Accompany the team ADRCPA to a football match or to an exchange of Folklore

    If you love football and want to know how everything is done, them come and find out all about organizing an away match - the logistics and the fellowship that makes us never ease up! The ticket for the game (€ 3) is on us. Oh, and the mixed sandwich and a can of juice too. Alternatively, you can follow the Folklore and Ethnography Group to an exchange outside the county and discover the cultural tradition of this activity with several decades of existence at the ADRCPA.

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