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Economics Olympiad

The VI Economics Olympiad will take in academic year 2018/19, with the intent of improve economics education in Portugal. Find more in:

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The VI Economics Olympiad will take in academic year 2018/19, with the intent of improve economics education in Portugal. Find more in:

Economics Olympiad (EO) are the biggest Portuguese project of economic training, organized by students for students. Having the aim of promote the interest about economics science, we propose our self’s to wake critical sense on economic actuality in the youngest students. We also propose unite two distinct worlds: Unite high school world to university world, approaching the youngers students to University of Coimbra, as like promote interest about economic science ally to the best Olympiad spirit.

After the consolidation of the project in Continental Portugal, we ambition go beyond in OE VI edition: We worked in the enlargement to the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira, and the participation on the International Economics Olympiad (IEO).  We get together, in Coimbra, more of 50 talented economics young students, for a weekend where they can have a unforgettable learning experience.

In summer of 2019, we will participate for the first time on the final of IEO, representing Portugal in a retinue composed to the first five final contestants of Economics Olympiad, as well as two Team Leaders. The International Economics Olympiad as going to have place in Russia.

The outgrowth of our project take us to looking for building a community around our cause. We believe that, together, we can endow Economics Olympiad to economic-financial sustainability need to ensure the increasing impact that we want on national education on the Portuguese students!

Jantar Une dois Mundos, OE V

Jantar Une dois Mundos, OE V

About the author

Economics Olympiad are a social initiative implemented high schools in Portugal, having been born in academic year 2013/2014, by the project United Two Worlds,  with the aim of promote the economic education on the younger students.

The project, initially composed by a restrict group of Economics Graduation students of Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra, has been growing, and nowadays reunite students of different classes and different degrees of education in University of Coimbra.

Made, managed and invigorate exclusively by university students, we have won a impacted place over the years. In 5 editions we take the economics science to a 135 schools, 89 counties and beyond 4000 students.

In 2018, we work on the creation of the International Economics Olympiad, being present in Russia as delegates of the organization, as well as guaranteeing the election of the General Coordinator and Founder of the OE, João Pedro Santos, as one of the twelve members of the executive committee of the IEO.

Delegadas portuguesas nas IEO 2018, Moscovo

Delegadas portuguesas nas IEO 2018, Moscovo

Budget and due dates

The raised funds are intended to finance the communication of the Economics Olympiad with the High Schools in Portugal, the organization of the final phase and the participation on the international final.

We propose ourselves to raise an 1000€ amount, of witch 92,25€ of them will be use to paid the commissions inherent in raising funds. The 907,75€ will be use to co-finance the activities described above ( on the percentage not financed by other partners) as well as the rewards to donors.

The VI Economics Olympiad take place on the next phases:

  • First phase: January 16, on the High Schools in Portugal;
  • Final Phase: April 26 to 28, in Coimbra;
  • International Phase: Summer of 2019, in Russia.

Alongside this, over the year we promote training sessions on the Portugal High Schools, with the aim of increasing our impact. 


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