Team Portugal - Muaythai - Youth World Championships 2022
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Team Portugal - Muaythai - Youth World Championships 2022

We are three young athletes and we need your help to be able to represent Portugal in the 2022 IFMA Youth Muaythai World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We count on yo...

We are three young athletes and we need your help to be able to represent Portugal in the 2022 IFMA Youth Muaythai World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We count on you and on your support! We are eager to win, not only for us but for all of you!

Iron Legs Academy has had the privilege and great honour to have three of its athletes (Tomás Alves, Guilherme Ribeiro and Matilde Melo) selected by the Portuguese Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai to participate in the next World Championship, which will take place from the 9th to the 21st August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Iron Legs Academy is located in São João da Madeira and all three selected athletes are “Sanjoanenses”- from that same town.

Tomás Alves

Guilherme Ribeiro

Unfortunately these athletes, which are the only athletes from Portugal taking part in the Championship, will not receive any kind of financial support from the Portuguese Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai, since they cannot provide any funding due to budget restrictions. Therefore, the athletes, staff and coaches will have to be able to cover all the expenses related to the Championship themselves. These include: registration fees, flights, accommodation and food, etc. The estimated amount per person is 3.500€. All the donations will be entirely used to cover for all the expenses mentioned.

Matilde Melo

This is an opportunity for them to make their dreams come true.They have been preparing themselves almost exclusively for this Championship for a few months now. However, the lack of financial help is something we have been informed about very recently. In order not to let down the athletes, in whom we lay great hope, and everyone that is involved in this project, we are launching an appeal to raise money so that their dreams can be chased. So, if you can, please donate. We deeply appreciate it.

Matilde Melo

Everything these athletes have done for this sport so far and all they have accomplished in such short careers shows they are worth it and they deserve to have this opportunity. And we know with your help all the training, preparation, dedication and hard work will be worthwhile. They will return from the Championship happy, fulfilled and hopefully bring medals back home to Portugal. For this to happen, they need to be given the chance to go: they need the money. It is only possible if they have the money.

«Big journeys begin with small steps.»

On behalf of the athletes, Iron Legs Academy and the Portuguese Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai we thank you for your help and support.

Our greatest strength will come from all of you!

We thank in advance your generosity and we promise they will give it their very best!

Follow the Iron Legs Academy, the athletes and the Portuguese Kickboxing and Muaythai Federation on social media to receive updates and information about the competition and the athletes' path in it.

Make sure to follow Iron Legs Academy, the athletes and the Portuguese Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai on social media to keep up with the athletes' journey, fight camp (preparation) and to keep up with the Championship! Please share the link to this campaign to help us reach as many people as possible. Share it with your family,friends, neighbours, colleagues, training partners… everyone! The more people helping, the bigger the motivation to win!

Let’s show the world what we are capable of!

Tomás Alves, Gulherme Ribeiro e Matilde Melo

Every donation above 10€ will be automatically eligible for a giveaway of fantastic prizes! Giveaway details will soon be shared, so stay tuned.

We are aware that our goal is ambitious, however we believe that, to a certain point, to be ambitious is a good thing.

We know it might not be easy, especially with so little time left, but we refuse to give up! The word ‘’impossible’’ is not in our dictionary! We are confident that with your help we might even surpass our goal! And we assure you, in case that happens, the extra money will be very welcome and saved for future participations in other championships.

We dream big!

These athletes are the next generation of Muaythai!

Future Olympic athletes! Who knows! Muaythai is now an Olympic Sport and their future is bright!

Believe in them!

Let’s make the dream come true!

We are counting on you!

Thank you!



About the author

Iron Legs Academy, located in São João da Madeira is the main promoter of this campaign and it is the gym where all the athletes selected to represent Portugal in the World Championship train everyday and twice a day.

We dream big and we want to continue doing so!

After 30 years in Kickboxing, me, Pedro Alves, alongside with Fátima Oliveira, she too with a sports background since 1998 in the Fitness area, envisioned starting a team so that we could share with everyone the beauty and amazingness of the sports we have always been in love with.

Moved by this passion and surrounded by fantastic people we founded, in 2014, Iron Legs Academy - whose name was inspired by the nickname I was given back when I was a fighter.

Our project is growing more and more each day and today we have a 500m2 facility. Our secret is the human factor! It has always been! That is the secret behind all of our ever growing success. We are still surrounded daily by the most fantastic people!

Whether it is in the Kickboxing and Muaythai training sessions or in the Fitness ones, happiness is our greatest victory and our greatest victory is happiness, since day one.

We dream big and we want to continue doing so! We have been in the highest place of the podium multiple times, individually and collectively. With all the success comes responsibility and also a desire and the motivation to achieve more and more.

We fight, we produce champions, we organise the best sports events and, on top of all, we make people believe it is possible.

Besides all the collective national titles, Iron Legs is home to multiple national and international champions with individual titles.

Because we believe in our work and all the effort we put into this, because we believe in our potential and in the quality of these athletes, because we see how much they work and how much they want this - even in the uncertainty of their participation - we could never not do everything we can to allow them to dream and to believe that dreams do come true!

Dreams come true when we have a plan, dreams come true when they are no longer dreams but goals. A dream with a plan is a goal and we know we can reach our goals!

We know it!

And we hope you do too!

Budget and due dates

The objective in terms of budget is to reach €21,500 of funds raised!


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