Shall we multiply smiles in Cape Verde? Synergy of Love, Culture and Art
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Shall we multiply smiles in Cape Verde? Synergy of Love, Culture and Art

I need your help to carry out a volunteer mission in Cape Verde.

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I need your help to carry out a volunteer mission in Cape Verde.


My name is Matilde, I am 28 years old and I intend to leave for the island of Santo Antão in October in order to join the team of Synergia Cabo Verde as a volunteer. To help me achieve that goal, I decided to create this crowdfunding campaign, hoping to get the support I need for my mission.

Synergia Cabo Verde is a non-religious, non-governmental and non-profit project whose main objective is to develop the young community of Porto Novo (island of Santo Antão) through Art and Culture, promotion of volunteering, personal and social development of young people, and non-formal education. Synergia Cabo Verde is responsible for promoting Espaço Jovem, a place that is simultaneously a space for creativity, development of community ideas and projects, and an alternative for the occupation of the county's youth free time. At Espaço Jovem, the following activities are carried out: Photography, Theater and Music classes; artistic workshops; materials’ recycling; cinema sessions; among others.

Espaço Jovem - Synergia

Being a non-profit project, the existence of SYCV depends exclusively on voluntary work, which elucidates and shows how important my participation in this project is.

I intend to stay in Santo Antão for at least 6 months, which will allow me to put my skills and competences into practice while being a key part of the development of the of the county’s young people. This opportunity to give love, share experiences and knowledge, coupled with the possibility of having a positive impact on the lives of these young souls through Art and Culture, makes this mission perfect for me.

I really want to be part of this initiative, but for this I need your support! With this crowdfunding campaign I intend to raise the necessary value to support my trips from Portugal to Cape Verde, as well as to help me with the monthly expenses on food.

Help me in this Synergy of Love, Culture and Art.

Passeio com as crianças da Ribeira de Craquinha


About the author

My name is Matilde and I have a degree in Art and Design from Coimbra's School of Education.

In August 2015 I started working in a French advertising company which, in Portugal, is responsible for the leaflets of the E.Leclerc hypermarket. After concluding the internship I was hired, which allowed me to meet incredible people and learn immensely. This experience made me grow up both professionally, and, above all, personally. However, I felt "unsatisfied". How could I spend eight hours a day doing something that went against my ideals? I was wasting my time in an "insignificant" way, when I could instead participate in a positive manner to make the World a better place.

One day, during conversation with my mother I asked her: "When I was a little child, what did I say I wanted to do when I was big?" She replied: "Help others!".

The decision to change was not an easy one. While feeling extremely anxious and afraid, I took a deep breath and decide to say goodbye to my job, leaving the safety of my “comfort zone”.

In February of this year I was finally free for the World. Free to help.

After doing research, I found a social project in Mindelo, São Vicente (Cape Verde), which was looking for volunteers. I went there in March and stayed for two months. I was at Espaço Jovem da Ribeira da Craquinha to give educational help to children with limitations, and to develop activities as: walks, movie nights, awareness campaigns, garbage collections, leisure evenings to senior citizens, and many, many hugs.

These sixty days were the most intense and happy days of my entire life, which taught me immensely in a daily basis. I learned every day with every person I met much more than they could have learn from me. I came back with an even greater desire to (continue) to work as volunteer.

It was at this point that I became aware of the project developed by Synergia CV. The interest in being part of this team was immediate and my will to help continues to grow!

Tarde para as mulheres da terceira idade - Ribeira de Craquinha

Budget and due dates

Through this crowdfunding campaign I hope to achieve the monetary value of 1500€, which will be used in:

  • Travels
    • round trip Lisbon-S.Vicente - 500€
  • Feed costs help
    • 150€/month
    • total: 900€ (six months)
  • PPL Platform Commissions - 138,38€

Criações dos jovens do Espaço Jovem - Synergia

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    By supporting with 10 euros, you will get: - A personalized acknowledgement/thank you email; - Digital copy of a drawing made by children from Espaço Jovem.

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    By supporting with 20 euros, you will get: - A personalized acknowledgement/thank you email; - Digital copy of a drawing made by children from Espaço Jovem; - Volunteer's testimony about the experience (sent by email).

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    By supporting with 50 euros, you will get: ´ - A personalized acknowledgement/thank you email; - Digital copy of a drawing made by children from Espaço Jovem; - Volunteer's testimony about the experience (sent by email); - Small piece of Handicraft made by children from Espaço Jovem (sent by post as soon as the volunteer returns to Portugal, shipping included).

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