Kantata of the Uncertain Roof
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Kantata of the Uncertain Roof

We propose the collective creation of a show, a chorus of voices: when cities become Monopoly boards, what do the inhabitants who resist have to say?

We propose the collective creation of a show, a chorus of voices: when cities become Monopoly boards, what do the inhabitants who resist have to say?

Following the art community project of 2013, which resulted in the show KANTATA DE ALGIBEIRA (“pocket kantata”), the same team of creators (with slight adjustments) is now looking to undertake the writing, composition and staging of a show about housing. The libretto of the play will feed on the concerns, reflections and proposals of the group of people who will perform it on stage.


Produced under the wing of Casa da Achada-Centro Mário Dionísio (CA-CMD), this new polyphonic work - KANTATA DO TECTO INCERTO (kantata of the uncertain roof) - will have the participation of performers who integrate the Achada Choir and the Community Theatre Group of CA-CMD, besides elements of all ages and trades living in the geographical area where Casa da Achada is located (Lisbon's historical centre) and other places equally affected by housing problems.


Housing is an indisputable right and the search for shelter is perhaps the most ancient attitude of humans on the face of the earth. However, the social upheavals that these days disfigure our cities - gentrification, real estate speculation, turistification, etc. - have led to the total disrespect for this right that emanates from a basic human need.

We have sought official support and funding for this project, but have been unable to obtain it. We have reformulated it and we are trying this other way of raising funds, crowdfunding, because we really want to do it.


With 13,000 euros and so many friends, known or unknown, who in many ways will join us, we will be able to guarantee the minimum conditions for the completion of our KANTATA DO TECTO INCERTO project. Giving voice to those who don't have it so that they can sing their right to a home – this project's goal - will only be possible with the participation and support of those who love CA-CMD, those who need words to breathe and those who share this will to shout out collectively. Any contribution is welcome. In cash and in helping to spread this crowdfunding initiative.


Kantata do Tecto Incerto


Research: Luiz Rosas

Text: Regina Guimarães

Music: Pedro Rodrigues and João Caldas

Staging: Margarida Guia
Staging assistant: F. Pedro Oliveira (staging assistant)
Production: Catarina Carvalho and Pedro Soares

About the author

Casa da Achada – Centro Mário Dionísio was founded in Lisbon in September 2008 by a group of over fifty of Mário Dionísio’s friends, relatives, former students and teaching assistants, connoisseurs and scholars of his work. It opened to the public in September 2009.

Centro Mário Dionísio, which is housed in Casa da Achada, preserves his literary and artistic assets, his personal archive as well as the library he shared with his wife, Maria Letícia Clemente da Silva. This documentation centre has over 6,000 books and 300 periodicals and may be consulted by appointment. The documentation centre library catalogue is available online.

As a cultural centre in Lisbon, where the writer, painter and teacher, was born (1916), lived and died (1993), Casa da Achada focuses on his personal interests and work.

The public area is reserved for exhibitions, book readings, film projections, debates, workshops and social events that celebrate Mário Dionísio’s life and work. There is also a well-stocked lending library catering to popular tastes in books. An updated catalogue is available online.

Budget and due dates


March and April - talks and workshops with Luiz Rosas
May - text creation
June - meetings and workshops with Margarida Guia
July, August and September - rehearsals of the show and construction of the music
October - Kantata presentation


- Coordination / Production - 2800
Staging / Staging Assistance - 5200
- Text (creation) - 300
- Music (creation, direction and interpretation) - 900
- Transport and food - 1000
- Logistics (materials for the show, show registration, promotion, etc.) - 1000
Casa da Achada expenses - 600.75
- PPL Commission - 1199.25

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Será que chegamos aos 13 000?

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Chegámos a meio!

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Sun, 20/12/2020 - 21:08

50% reached

We've just achieved half the target! The glass is now more full than empty ;)

Sat, 12/12/2020 - 21:42

Chegámos aos 25%

Olá. Com a tua ajuda já atingimos 25% da nossa angariação de fundos para a Kantata do Tecto Incerto. Queremos agradecer profundamente o apoio dado e pedir que continues a cont...

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We're now 20

We reached the first 20 backers. Let's keep up!

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First five backers

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