Let´s go restore the "Jardim da Rainha"?
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Let´s go restore the "Jardim da Rainha"?

The Jardim da Rainha, at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, needs to be restored, especially the beautiful tile benches, by Jorge Colaço.

The Jardim da Rainha, at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, needs to be restored, especially the beautiful tile benches, by Jorge Colaço.

If you have been to ISA or if you have ever been there, you will certainly remember Jardim da Rainha with its beautiful benches covered with tiles by the artist Jorge Colaço . This garden is part of our memory as students. You will probably have a story to tell about this garden. But, if you don't have it, you now have an excellent opportunity to build one here.

Time has done some damage in this Tapada's "pearl", therefore it needs some recovery work in the garden and, especially, on the tile benches. These tile benches are a gem and we, alumnISA, embraced this challenge. But for that, we need the old and infallible “agronomic spirit”, which moves heaven and earth whenever it is called upon to intervene.

Jardim da Rainha needs 11,000 euros for all the recovery work, which we can only achieve with your help. No matter how small, it doesn't matter the value. You know, together we are stronger!

 Can we count on you? Your support is really very important!

We promise, when the garden is ready, an agronomic opening, to see each other again. It seems to us to be the best excuse in the world to be together again, after these strange pandemic times that we live in.

Let's get the "Jardim da Rainha" back! After all, together we are stronger!

About the author

AlumnISA is the alumni association of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia. It was founded in January 2012, following the “Back2ISA” event to celebrate ISA's 100th anniversary.

We believe that there is more life beyond the academic degree. That a course does not end, but begins, on the day when the final work is defended. And that there is a whole path that we can take together, continuing to learn, challenging a career, creating value for the whole community (students, teachers and researchers). A path that, if we do it together, makes us stronger.

As alumnISA, we aim to keep alive a vast network of contacts, place former students to support the integration of new students and create events related to innovation and entrepreneurship, which are important tools and added value for the professional path.

Budget and due dates


€ 9985.25 - Amount that will be used for all garden restoration works and for the conservation and restoration of tile benches.

€ 675.5 - PPL commission of 5% + VAT

€ 338.25 - 2.5% payment partners' commissions + VAT


The rewards will be sent to everyone who supported the project during the month of August.

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