Feed babies’ dreams in Mozambique
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Feed babies’ dreams in Mozambique

Help us feed malnourished babies in Mozambique! We want lots of babies smiling and taking their first steps at Pfuka U Famba!

Help us feed malnourished babies in Mozambique! We want lots of babies smiling and taking their first steps at Pfuka U Famba!

GASPORTO is a Portuguese NGO that, in the village of Macia, in Mozambique, has been developing the Pfuka U Famba program since 2014. The Pfuka U Famba Program, which means “get up and walk” in the Changana language, operates in a Nutritional Rehabilitation Center and its action is based on the daily supply of food – powdered milk, enriched porridge and soups –, guaranteeing this support until the baby's nutritional status recovers. In addition to meeting immediate needs, GASPORTO focuses its intervention on the importance of appropriate training and training for caregivers.

According to UNICEF, chronic malnutrition in Mozambique affects almost one in two children under the age of 5! Let's combat these numbers and feed Mozambique's malnourished babies. Together we fuel this dream!

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About the author

Founded in 2002, GASPORTO is an NGDO − Non-Governmental Organization for Development − guided by the motto “We are Together”.

With the objectives of promoting social integration, personal training and qualification and the involvement of society in human development, GASPORTO operates in a multidisciplinary way in areas such as socio-cultural support and dynamization, health and education. Constituting itself as a School of Life focused on help and human development, GASPORTO strategically invests in training to encourage the development of each volunteer and the group. Likewise, it is imperative in GASPORTO's actions to create close relationships, with respect and equality, to be able to make a difference in people's lives.

In Portugal, GASPORTO develops 4 projects in the city of Porto. In addition to the volunteer group, there is a professional team that dedicates themselves full time to GASPORTO.

In Mozambique, in the town of Macia (headquarters of the Macia-Bilene district, Gaza province), GASPORTO develops 3 development cooperation programs, counting on a team of Mozambican and Portuguese professionals for this purpose.

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Budget and due dates

With this support it will be possible to ensure the functioning of the Center for 1 month:

  • milk for 30 babies - €700
  • soups and porridge for 30 babies - €250
  • caregivers' trips to the Center - €350
  • professional monitoring GASPORTO - €750
  • Center maintenance costs (light, water, gas, hygiene products...) - €219.37
  • PPL costs - 230.63

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