Chaves - New York, 5400km to dream!
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Chaves - New York, 5400km to dream!

Ana Jorge, Iara, Leonor, Leonor, Maria and Mariana were qualified for the finals of the biggest ballet competition in the world for young people: Youth American Grand Prix 2024,...

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Ana Jorge, Iara, Leonor, Leonor, Maria and Mariana were qualified for the finals of the biggest ballet competition in the world for young people: Youth American Grand Prix 2024, in New York. To go, they need everyone. Lets help?

Chaves - New York, 5400km to dream! is a fundraising project to support the trip to New York for students Ana Jorge Silva, 13 years old, Iara Neto, 15 years old, Leonor Gonçalo, 11 years old, Leonor Ventura, 12 years old, Maria Antunes, 16 years old and Mariana Atanázio, 14 years old, awarded in the semi-finals of the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), in November 2023, in Paris, which allowed them to qualify for two pieces for the finals of the biggest dance competition in the world, taking place between the 11th and 20th of April 2024, in New York.

In this semi-final, which took place in November 2023, the six dancers stood out with high ratings, which took them to the podium: TOP 12 Contemporary Soloist attributed to Maria Antunes, among 81 participants in her category from various international schools, 3rd Place Small Ensemble 'Indarra', won by Iara Neto and Maria Antunes and TOP 12 Large Ensemble 'A Free Man', achieved by the six students in competition.

The pieces 'Indarra' and 'A Free Man' received an invitation to be present and compete in the grand global final.

However, participation involves very high costs in terms of travel, food and accommodation, but we believe it is a unique opportunity that can change the future of these young dancers.

If the semi-final in Paris is a dream come true, participating in the Youth America Grand Prix World Final is the biggest goal we have and which   it will allow all of us to grow as dancers and an important milestone in our training. The dream is to be able, once again, to represent our city and our country, to take the work that is done in Chaves to the highest level, to compete alongside thousands of dancers from all over the world, however, to achieve this we need help of all!

Today we are addressing everyone who can and wants to contribute to our presence in New York, at the YAGP World Final, in the form of a donation, direct contribution or any other way that makes sense to you and in return we want to take you with us to to the United States of America and on our social networks, a show that precedes our trip and t-shirts that will be part of our uniform throughout the 10 days of the Finals to announce all those who supported, support and will support us on this journey.

About the author

The promoter is FORMA - Estúdio de Dança de Chaves, together with the parents of the six young dancers, responsible for executing the project and delivering the rewards.

FORMA, in the space of 7 years, achieved a level of quality and primacy as a result of work developed by professionals with a recognized and highly merited career and in line with planned activities, with a large and significant part of the work being awarded and distinguished by some of the most prestigious national and international competitions and dance events in several countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, United States of America), with a total of more than two hundred awards and scholarships.


Hello! We are Ana, Iara, Leonor, Maria and Mariana and we are students at FORMA - Estúdio de Dança de Chaves.

There are several hours a day of hard work and dedication to dancing, and to these we add regular school classes, which requires great sacrifice on our part to reconcile both. Over the last few years we have demonstrated our excellent work and in the various national and international competitions that we have had the opportunity to participate in we have already won numerous awards, we represented Portugal in the World Cup final, becoming Vice-Champions.

Budget and due dates

To pay for the travel and accommodation of the six young dancers in the competition, a fundraising campaign was launched, which runs until January 26, 2024, with the aim of raising €2,000.00.

  • YAGP registration: €1,440.00
  • Accommodation: €2,000.00
  • Travel: €2,250.00
  • Food: €2,000.00

PPL commission: €184.50

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