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A house

They fled the war and now dream of finding their home, their safe place, in Portugal. They left the war and have the dream to find their new home and safe place in Portugal.

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They fled the war and now dream of finding their home, their safe place, in Portugal. They left the war and have the dream to find their new home and safe place in Portugal.


Vira (grandmother), Viktoriia (mother), Emiliia (2 year old girl) and Pipinka (a little dog) came from Zaporizhzhya in UKraine to Portugal a few days after the start of the war. They left everything else behind, their lives, memories, familly, friends and many other items impossible to quantify. They are very grateful and touched for all the love, solidarity and generosity received by complete “strangers” through Europe and in Portugal. For the time being they want to stay in Portugal. Therefore, supported by many friends and family, I decided to create this Crowdfunding to help them with their life restart. They have not asked me to do this, in reality, they don't ask for anything although I know they need. The main aim of this crowdfunding is to help them with their rent for one year. I know it is a huge ask but I believe we will achieve it.



About the author


My name is Teresa Cavallaro. I created this crowdfunding with the support of family and friends to help a family recently arrived from Ukraine and that I had the chance to meet. I know we don't have the power to change the world let alone to end the war. However, we can still help and in our way we can try to reduce the suffering of those who are close to us. Thank you to everyone for your love and support. I know that Viktoriia and her family will be very grateful to us all.

Budget and due dates


We have until the 30th of June 2022 to achieve our goal. I calculated the monthly rent at €600 so that they can afford it afterwards when they found a job. If we succeed and go over the initial objective, even better, we will cover for utility bills such as electricity, water, etc. All the amount donated will go to Viktoriia and her family (except for commission fees due to the PPL website). We can do this! Thank you!


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    We teach you how to say thank you in Ukrainian :)

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    We teach you to say "Hello how are you?" in Ukrainian.

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    The Family recommends a Ukrainian song.

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    The Family recommends a good book written by a person of Ukrainian nationality.

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    Pipinka's photo

    With this reward, the Family sends a picture of Pipinka (little dog).

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    A drawing of Emilia

    This amount corresponds to half a month's rent. The reward, in addition to making a happy family, will also be receiving a drawing from Emiliia who loves to draw.

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    A voice message from the Family

    This amount is equivalent to one month of income and the reward, in addition to making a family happy, will also be receiving a voice message from the Family.

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    A cake made by Vira

    The reward, in addition to being a happy family, will also be receiving a Ukrainian cake made by Vira (grandmother) who cooks very well.

    Postman/courier or hand-delivered
    Shipping included (to Portugal)

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