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Together We Are Community

Raising essential food items for families economically affected by covid-19.

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Raising essential food items for families economically affected by covid-19.

This pandemic has brought greater obstacles to the places where we live, which at times already have some vulnerabilities.

We feel that we are in the same storm but with different boats. As a rule, we are used to facing challenges, as a community, and it was in this sense that the Jangada Emotions Association itself emerged.

With the need to overcome ourselves, opportunities arise, and what we see calls us to a space of solidarity, a space where those who can lend a hand to those in need, and this is a community that tries not to leave anyone behind.

We therefore intend to raise donations for the composition of food baskets of basic necessity to distribute to 25 households with dependent children.

At Tapada das Mercês in Sintra, local organizations are perceived as a space of trust and community, where families come together and neighbors are concerned and supportive of the needs of others.

The distribution of these baskets will be another step, in a continuity work that has been developed with the families, and that before this critical phase of the pandemic it becomes more urgent.

The distribution will start in September, at the beginning of the school year, since it is a period when families feel more economically weakened by the expenses inherent to the acquisition of school supplies.

So we count on everyone who is aware of this initiative, as we know that with more contributions, different boats may be in a more equal condition to face the storm.

Because we are all community together.

Manta Comunitária realizada por moradores na Tapada das Mercês durante o período de pandemia

About the author

Jangada d'Emoções is born from an informal group of women living in Tapada das Mercês, in Algueirão Mem Martins, Sintra. At first, concerned with their mental health, and in creating support networks among women, they were based on art as a way of transforming themselves and the community where they live.

In order to respond to the various generations of Tapada das Mercês, they promote various projects, such as summer camps for children and young people, dance, capoeira, theater, among others.

In addition, the “Families in Conviviality” meeting is organized every year, together with local organizations and residents. It is a collective moment of sharing talents, knowledge and flavors that celebrate the diversity existing in the parish, counting on the involvement of the community, the school, families and local traders.

A equipa da Jangada D'Emoções

Budget and due dates

First week of September / 2020: Composition of the baskets - 40 € Each











Tuna fish











2 kg



Maria wafer


Shower gel








Olive oil



€ 40

Second week of September / 2020: Distribution to families - 25 families (40 € x 25 families = 1000 €)

PPL Commissions - € 92.25

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