Surgery for + Years of Love!
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Surgery for + Years of Love!

If it was impossible to obtain the cost for the surgery, we resorted to the help of PPL Crowdfunding Portugal.

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If it was impossible to obtain the cost for the surgery, we resorted to the help of PPL Crowdfunding Portugal.

Recently my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the public hospital gave her days to live, giving no expectation of improvement.
Not one to sit idly by, especially when it comes to our Mother's life, we asked Champalimaud for a second opinion and the scenario was completely different. Our mother has the possibility of continuing to live with quality of life, but to do so she needs surgery costing 20 thousand euros. Unfortunately, we don't have that money! However, if as a child our mother was a lap, support and protection, now it is time for us to do everything we can for her. She has always been a warrior mother, of work and above all of love. And now that the time has come to enjoy life and your loved ones, fate wanted to play a trick on us.

About the author

My name is Susana!

I was raised by a mother who always gave me all the love she had without ever letting me lack anything! The day has come when I have to give back a little of how much she has already done for me! My mother needs surgery so that she can survive pancreatic cancer worth 20 thousand euros. I don't have that money, so every contribution is crucial so that my mother can survive! And I can help her, just as she helped me so many times! As her daughter, I have a warrior and persistent name as a nickname, but I won't be able to do it alone.

They say unity is strength and now, more than ever, I need this union so that my mother can survive and live with her family surrounded by love.

Budget and due dates

The first step will be taken with 8 chemotherapy sessions! After this step and if the pancreas allows the intervention to be carried out, this will be the next step. It is estimated that the surgery will be carried out within 4 to 5 months, and this surgery will be carried out by the clinical staff of the Champalimaud Foundation. The cost of the treatment is around 20 thousand euros.

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