Support to Ceiroquinho, Freg. Fajão, to combat isolation and desertification
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Support to Ceiroquinho, Freg. Fajão, to combat isolation and desertification

Support to combat the isolation and loneliness of 13 inhabitants of the village of Ceiroquinho,

Support to combat the isolation and loneliness of 13 inhabitants of the village of Ceiroquinho,

Currently Aldeia de Ceiroquinho, Parish of Fajão, Municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra, has 13 permanent inhabitants, 12 of whom are over 78 years old and some have limited mobility. Most of these inhabitants spend their day-to-day lives at home, isolated. The Improvement Commission, in order to combat the isolation and loneliness of these people, decided to acquire a house, in the center of the village, which will have to have some adaptation works. With this acquisition, it is intended to meet the favorable conditions for these inhabitants to live together. It is also intended to organize psychosocial support activities.

When creating these conditions, many Ceiroquinhenses will feel enticed to return to their roots and choose to live in the countryside, or at least spend there much of the year, thus helping to combat desertification. the idea of proposing this social project, because we are aware that it is very difficult in this current situation to gather resources. We were unable to hold the village festival in 2019 and 2020 goes the same way, events that provide us with some financial resources. Bearing in mind that it is a project of social support for elderly residents and combating loneliness and desertification, we appeal to the sensitivity of the potential funders, through the amounts that they think it is good to donate to a cause managed by a Commission with a long history (80 years) and evidence of great responsibility and above all great credibility and honesty.

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About the author

The Ceiroquinho Improvements Commission, was created on July 9, 1941 and made official on July 5, 1942, but in practice it has been in operation since the 1920s. At that time, specific commissions were created for each project / improvement to be carried out in the village, with the construction of the School standing out as the most important ones; the construction of the new Chapel; paving the streets and helping people in need. The Ceiroquinho Improvements Commission is not for profit. The revenues are obtained through donations given by its partners and friends, as well as the support of the local government. Their representative bodies are not remunerated. In practice, they carry out voluntary work in order to help the development of the village. This Commission, since its constitution and throughout its 80 years of history, has always had as its main objective the improvement of the living conditions of its inhabitants, as can be seen on the "Commission for Improvements of Ceiroquinho", accessible at http: //

Aldeia de Ceiroquinho

Budget and due dates

House purchase € 47,500.00, we have already raised € 27,500.00, (€ 15,000.00 local power, Municipal Chamber of Pampilhosa da Serra and Fajão-Vidual Parish Council, and € 12,500.00 Commission Cash Balance and donations from members and friends of the Commission).

€ 20,000.00 left to be able to book the property.

If the donated amounts exceed the requested amount, this excess will be carried over as an eligible balance for the second phase of the project, which consists of the works to adapt the building for the intended purposes.

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