John needs a support dog. Let's all help John!
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John needs a support dog. Let's all help John!

We will help João, a 5 year old boy with moderate autism, to have a new friend: a care dog. For this, we need your help to realize this dream. Let's all help John! Because ... u...

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We will help João, a 5 year old boy with moderate autism, to have a new friend: a care dog. For this, we need your help to realize this dream. Let's all help John! Because ... until the cure, there is a dog!

João is a 5-year-old autistic boy living in the Lisbon region and has been diagnosed with moderate autism for 1 year. At that moment the family had the first setback when the father asks for the divorce and leaves the house of the family.

Since then the situation has worsened because the mother, who did not work to take care of João, was unable to keep the room and had to move to the grandparents' house.

Expenses for the boy's therapies are almost totally paid by grandparents and family members who end up having very limited resources.

João's mother sees the Sinatra dog - the first dog for autism in Portugal certified by the Portuguese Association of Assistance Dogs (APCA), a source of inspiration and loved that the son could have a new friend with 4 legs.

This family has no resources because of the mother's unemployment situation and the father has completely ignored his responsibilities, making it unfeasible to bear the costs of acquiring, training and certifying a care dog.

Let's all help John!

We believe that we can make a difference in the life of this boy and allow him to have permanent help with the help of a care dog - which only benefits could bring to John. And because the dream commands life, we believe that everyone, as far as of their possibilities, we can help and contribute to bring great joy to John and his family. This story may have a happy ending. With our help and the dedication of our coaches, we ask that you help us build a happy outcome for this story.

In return for your help we offer what we do best: train and certify assistance dogs to make a difference in the lives of people and dogs themselves. A work that motivates us daily, that makes us proud and we know it will make all the difference in the lives of those who need it most. This, with your help!

But what are assistance dogs and what can they do? A care dog is a dog that has been or is being trained as a guide dog (to help a blind), dog for the deaf (to help a deaf person or person with hearing difficulties) or service dog (dog that was or is be trained to help people with physical or hormonal disabilities).

Miguel e Sinatra

About the author

We are a non-profit association, founded in October 2014, which aims to promote and disseminate the Assistance Dogs, as well as raising awareness about the need for free access in public and private establishments, according to Dec. Law in force (74/2007). The Portuguese Association of Assistance Dogs (APCA) specifically trains Assistance Dogs for persons with reduced mobility, diabetics, autistics and epileptics and is the only certification body for assistance dogs in the area of ​​Medical Dogs. The team consists of eight coaches, two veterinarians, two therapists and a psychologist. All training of coaches was carried out by technicians from abroad, mainly in the USA, Spain, Germany and Denmark.

The President of the Association, Rui Elvas, has been developing a long training program abroad, which has enabled us to develop bases to develop a unique, innovative and unique methodology in the world. Our goals are:

  • To dedicate to the provision of services, dissemination and integration of Assistance Dogs in the Portuguese society;
  • Training Assistance Dogs;
  • Certify Assistance Dogs;
  • Placing Assistance Dogs with families / individuals who qualify;
  • Defend the right to the difference of the people who are accompanied by Assistance Dogs; Provide information and knowledge guidelines at different levels of support (social, emotional, etc.);
  • Encourage the exchange of information and sponsorship programs with other organizations; Create links with international organizations and exchange experiences.

Voluntários e Rui Elvas

Budget and due dates

The APCA, in almost 4 years, already managed to train 15 dogs, being 8 in the process of training. Currently there are more than 250 applications, many of which are not available financially.

Our appeal is for the contribution of € 25 for every request we have been made so far. This value is the help that APCA needs in order to train and certify more dogs. It is the beginning of a new phase and, if it is exceeded, it is proof that we all care about helping others.

We are realistic. We know that to help all people (all requests) we would need a lot more but we should climb one step at a time with the certainty that tomorrow's help will be greater than today.

The deadline for this campaign will be 2 months. We want to give good news to João's family with a new four-legged friend.

Help us make a happy boy!

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    Video Dogs for Assistance

    Support with € 20 and learn how to train a care dog through a short video!

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    Discounts with our partners, meet and see an APCA mascot training

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