Fly without limits - Let's give wings to one more dream
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Fly without limits - Let's give wings to one more dream

The Flying Without Limits Association will make another dream come true!

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The Flying Without Limits Association will make another dream come true!

The Associação Voar Sem Limites, created in 2019 and institutionally legalized in 2021, has a project entitled "Wings to Fly" that aims to make dreams come true for children and young people at risk or institutionalized. In 2020, during several visits to shelters, we realized that there were many needs to be met, one of them being the great need to offer the young people who live in them a life as normal as possible, because despite being welcomed, all these children want to belong to the their group of friends, deep down want to be equal to those around them and not singled out and judged as usual. By observing this reality, we realized that fulfilling the dreams of each young person would be very beneficial for each foster home and so we started to fight in that direction.

Evento solidário - Março 2022

The first dream we realized was that of an 18-year-old who lived at Cat Crescer a Colors and who dreamed a lot about getting his driving license. He struggled every weekend to earn some money, but he knew it would take a long time. So our association rolled up its sleeves and through the help of the population we managed to offer, on your birthday, your driving license. It was memorable! And that's how we started our dream journey.

This time, we have a young woman who also urgently needs to get her driving license and we are here to help her make her dream come true. This girl-woman lives at the Lar de Santa Cruz shelter, in Matosinhos and has no idea what awaits her.

As such, to be successful in this mission of ours we need your wonderful help through your donation!

Can we count on you?

Donativos para refugiados da Ucrânia

About the author

In 2019 the founders Ana Sousa and Inês Marçal Pinto were constantly receiving requests for therapeutic help from people who could not pay. They felt powerless for not being able to offer what they did best in the places where they worked and that's why on March 14th they decided to create the solidarity project Asas Para Voar, which aimed to donate hypnosis sessions to people in need.

Everything worked perfectly well until the moment when covid took hold in our world. At that moment the founder Ana, who was and still is a nurse, had to follow the path of health and dedicate herself to the place where she was most needed. That's when Vânia Pinto joined us and together with our founder Inês they started to create a group of volunteers and help as many families and institutions as they could through emotional support and delivery of gender donations. At a certain point we competed for a bootcamp in Cape Verde and as soon as we won we knew it was time to grow and make our project more serious and thus the Associação Voar sem Limits was born, which today is dedicated to supporting children, young people and families in need through emotional, educational and social support.

In addition to this mission of ours, in 2021 we decided to fulfill dreams of these very people who need us so much.

We have already helped institutions such as Cat Crescer a Cores, Fundação Alberto Canedo, Patronato de Santa Mafalda, Casa do Solar do Mimo, among others. And this is the path that we want to continue to trace.

Making people happy brings us happiness.

Bootcamp Cabo Verde 2021 - Terra Boa

Budget and due dates

The entire amount will be invested in the acquisition of a driving license. As soon as we obtain the necessary amount, we will proceed with the registration with a driving school.

The estimated start date for code classes will be no later than June 1st.

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