Wheelchair Handball – To the finals
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Wheelchair Handball – To the finals

The Wheelchair Handball now has a new team in the Algarve region. The Casa do Povo of São Bartolomeu de Messines has embraced a new project, with the construction of a strong, c...

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The Wheelchair Handball now has a new team in the Algarve region. The Casa do Povo of São Bartolomeu de Messines has embraced a new project, with the construction of a strong, cohesive and ambitious team. Has joined athletes talent to the strength of the whole team and the result were titles and victories. But right now everyone's help is crucial.

2014/2015 was the year that Casa do Povo decided to go further and submit a response under the Adapted Sports. To create a strong, ambitious but especially value through sport skills and skills team, promoting not only the inclusion as well as recovery. With months went by we realized the potential of all athletes, and even being a charitable institution, and associated with all the financial difficulties of this kind that one entity is subject, we decided that we could not leave behind this project, not only because of the titles and reached levels, but also because we are dealing now with elite athletes, talented and that, daily, struggled to progress and lead beyond borders the Algarve and the Handball in Wheelchair.


JOGO CPSBM/ALGARVE vs Vitória de Setubal

Because the way in a team makes more sense, we combine strategic partners to this project, without which it would be impossible to continue this dream. The Handball Association of the Algarve was the great promoter and as a way to thank all the trust placed in us, we didn’t lowered our arms, and soon begins to appear the first victories. We faced great teams and reached to qualify for the Finals of the National Championship of this mode. At this time we smile of joy for the victory but we fear that the lack of funding might undermine our participation. Therefore, we appeal to all those who want to help us in the various associated costs such as travel, maintenance chairs, food and lodging.

About the author

The Casa do Povo of Messines founded in 1934 and has since been focusing in several areas in order to meet the population's needs. Consists of five aspects: education, sports, social, culture and leisure. The Casa do Povo provides answers in the area of socio-educational, sports, social, culture and leisure. We have also developed a specialized response in the Adapted Sports area with the creation of a sports valence.
The project is led by Professor Daniel Jacob, BA in Sports at the University of Algarve, and also technically responsible for the promotion of Handball for disability in the District of Faro.

Budget and due dates

Budget: 1,500€ for travelling, accommodation and food (we only need 750 € because the rest was given by institutional support).

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