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We need to ensure that we have enough funds to start the 20/21 season and only with your help can we achieve it!

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We need to ensure that we have enough funds to start the 20/21 season and only with your help can we achieve it!

More than ever we need everyone

Of all who love the club

Of those who only know where the stadium is

Those who don't even like sports

Men, women and children

Who likes to be the first to enter

And who doesn't even get in and stays at the bar

We need everyone's voice

From the screams


And the applause

We need you

We need everyone

So that Handball can fight for the conquest of the 1st Division

This fight is not just ours, it belongs to everyone

It's from Almada.

29 Março de 1988 - Almada AC x R.K. Zeleznicar (Jugoslávia)

During the current sporting season Almada AC had an excellent sporting performance that resulted in qualifying for the league of access to the 1st national handball division, an objective that was expected for more than 30 years.

Due to Pandid Covid-19, all the efforts of our players, coaches and staff and the dream of all Almadenses to put Almada in the 1st division, was put at risk.

We need to ensure that we have enough funds to start the 20/21 season and only with your help can we achieve this.

We had one of the best sporting seasons ever, we all got here together and there is only one step left before the historic entry into the first division and for the city and the club to return to the place they belong to.

Just choose your contribution from the list, and you will be rewarded for it.

All those who participate will have their name engraved on the Pavilion so that we never forget who helped us when we needed it most.

Your name will be engraved in our history.

About the author

Almada Atlético Clube is a Portuguese club founded on July 20, 1944 and based in the city of Almada.

The club emerged from the merger between the old and rivals Pedreirense Futebol Clube and União Sport Clube Almadense, in a very troubled process, on July 20, 1944, largely due to a personality, named José Braz, who defended the existence of a great club that could best represent the great city that at that time was already out on the horizon.

Several athletes who represented the respective National Teams, at the highest level, have passed through his two main sports. Some of its former athletes represented the biggest clubs in Portugal.

Pavilhão Adelino Moura

Budget and due dates

The amount requested will be used so that together with the raising of other funds, it is possible until the month of September, the Almada AC Handball team can start their sports season, and thus keep the dream of the first division alive.

- Registration of players and team in the corresponding competition (September 2020).

Almada AC Andebol

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    3€ or more

    Hi! Hi!

    We are already standing to applaud, all aid counts even the smallest. Thank you!

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    10€ or more

    You are one of our

    You will be treated to a personalized thanks by one of our players

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    15€ or more


    Make space in your wallet, your new card is on the way!

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    25€ or more

    Partner + Scarf

    Partner who is a partner is entitled to the costume. Get ready to wave your scarf on our counter.

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    30€ or more

    Dinner with the team

    If you are one of ours, have dinner with ours. Your seat is marked at the table with our champions so don't be late.

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    50€ or more

    Almadense Family Pack

    The whole family united around Almada, membership cards for the whole family are already on the way

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    150€ or more

    Partner + Scarf + Chair with period name

    Card in hand, scarf around your neck and a chair marked with your name. What else can a good big fan want?

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    300€ or more

    Season Ticket + Public tribute in the pavilion before the game

    You are very important to us and we want you to be with us in every game at home. Let's give it a standing ovation!

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    2000€ or more

    You are one of us!

    Follow all the games with the senior team, at home and abroad, you always have your captive place on the bus, on the plane and in the pavilion, with the players!

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    5000€ or more

    You're legendary!

    You have exceeded expectations and therefore you will have a Bust of yours in the Sports Complex to be remembered forever!

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