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Shelter for Forest School

"ALICE no País das Árvores" is a new outdoor learning community that already supports 12 children daily. With the construction of a shelter, we can reach hundreds of families.

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"ALICE no País das Árvores" is a new outdoor learning community that already supports 12 children daily. With the construction of a shelter, we can reach hundreds of families.

"ALICE no País das Árvores" is an Outdoor Learning Community that was born from a dream. The dream of providing children with meaningful experiences and relationships on a daily basis and in contact with nature.

During the first year the activities took place in a provided space. After a year of pilot project, time has proved the feasibility of the project and it is time to create a definitive space.

The community needs its own space. In order for us to continue to integrate all families, regardless of their socio-economic status, your help is essential!

This fundraising will finance the construction of a shelter that will support the daily life of the children who attend the community. It is also an investment that will make it possible to diversify the offer of activities, such as playgroups and family activities in nature, reaching hundreds of children and their families.

Without your help, it will be very difficult to reach more children and welcome all the families looking for a free education close to nature!

Experiências e Vivências Significativas

About the author

"ALICE no País das Árvores" is a project under the umbrella of the non-profit association "CAMINHOS SEGUIDOS - ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA A PROMOÇÃO DO DESENVOLVIMENTO HUMANO" (NIPC - 513416579).

In this project:

  • We believe in community learning in which adults and children can be partners in the construction of knowledge. We want to support families who want to be deeply involved in their children's learning process.
  • We value the experience of meaningful relationships and learning through experimentation, exploration of the senses and respecting the rhythm of each child.
  • We believe in the importance of free play for the healthy development of the child and nature as the best way to achieve it.

Budget and due dates


  • Early June: publicity of the fundraising campaign
  • 2nd fortnight of July: start of construction of the shelter
  • Beginning of September: opening of the new space



  • Total cost of construction: 8000€
  • Costs supported by the association and material donations: €3000
  • Amount to raise: €5000
  • Thank you in Wood!

    Invest with
    10€ or more

    Thank you in Wood!

    Thank you for your support and for believing in outdoor learning. Your name will be engraved in the shelter, symbolizing the structural importance of all those who supported us.

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  • Playgroup: "ALICE no País das Árvores"

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    Playgroup: "ALICE no País das Árvores"

    Free entry to one of the Playgroups which we will be holding in the 2022/2023 school year. Secure your place now, then just choose the date.

    20 backers

    Limited to 100 units. 80 remaining

  • Picnic and personalized visit

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    50€ or more

    Picnic and personalized visit

    Are you also a lover of outdoor learning? If you want to get to know us better, how we work and how to recreate a learning community, our thanks is a personalized visit where you can ask all your questions.

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  • Friend of the Project

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    Friend of the Project

    Friendship relationships are lasting. If you believe in this project, you will receive a detailed Activity Report annually for 3 years. All of the above are included: name engraved in the shelter, playgroup and visit.

    20 backers

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