On the way to the Journeys
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On the way to the Journeys

We are 12 young people from the city of Viseu, Scouts of Grouping 102 Santa Maria, with a great desire to grow and leave a good testimony in the world. With your help we are goi...

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We are 12 young people from the city of Viseu, Scouts of Grouping 102 Santa Maria, with a great desire to grow and leave a good testimony in the world. With your help we are going to World Youth Days so that we can grow and share.

The World Youth Days will take place in Portugal from 01/08/2023 to 06/08/2023. Our group of Scouts wants to embrace the unique opportunity to participate in this great event, which is taking place for the first time in Portugal.

The days are a meeting of young people from all over the world with the Pope. It is, at the same time, a pilgrimage, a youth festival, an expression of the universal Church and a strong moment of evangelization among young people, with the aim of building a more just and supportive world. This event seeks to promote peace, unity and fraternity among peoples and nations around the world.

This project aims to help the 12 young people in this group of scouts, raising funds to pay for part of their stay, food and transport.

Trabalho em equipa

About the author

Grouping 102 belongs to the CNE, a non-profit organization that promotes non-formal and comprehensive education for children and young people. The activities promoted by our group aim at developing the social and cultural qualities of children and young people, trying to eliminate social and financial differences that exist between them. We thus promote activities that allow them to be more supportive, fair, empathetic and that proactively leave the world a little better than they found it.

We involved around 60 children and young people from Viseu, and we want to help 12 of these young people to fulfill their dream of participating in the World Youth Days.

"Mary got up and left in haste" (Lk 1:39). Like Mary, these young people get up to do good and be at the service of others.

A preparar o caminho

Budget and due dates


12/31/2022 - Pre-registration of Young People in the Journeys.

01/03/2023 - Creation of the fundraising project.

03/15/2023 - Completion of registration for the Journeys.

03/18/2023 - Participation in the Procession of Mr. of the Steps.

Lent Period - Preparing young people for the Days.

05/27/2023 - Celebration of 100 years of Scouting.

June and July - Organization of matches and activities to be carried out during the Journeys. Arrangement of transport for World Youth Days.

End of July - Welcoming and carrying out activities with young people from around the world who will be in Viseu in voluntary host families.

01/08/2023 - Departure for the Journeys

06/08/2023 - Return of the Journeys.



12 registrations x 235€ = 2820€

Transport: round trip (Viseu - Lisbon) = 35€ * 12 = 420€

TOTAL = 3240€

Each young person will raise €100 in other campaigns, will contribute €70 in particular and €100 for this campaign, making a total of €270 per participant (€270 * 12 = €3240).



  • Invest with
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    Keychain 102 + Letter of Thanks

    Keyring handcrafted by the 102 Scouts and thank you letter made by the Scouts.

    Hand-delivered (see above)

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    20€ or more

    1 free week at the FFitness Health Club Gym

    Free 1 week offer at the FFitness Health Club gym in Viseu, free of charge.

    Hand-delivered (see above)

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    50€ or more

    Scout Ensemble

    Set of souvenirs made by scouts. Various items such as key ring, thank you letter, postcard, merchandising, etc.

    Postman/courier or hand-delivered
    Shipping included (to Portugal)

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