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April of Education

Fundraising for the “Abril da Educação” tour where the educational designer José Pacheco and Psychopedagogue Ludmilla Duarte will present the New Social Constructions of Learnin...

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Fundraising for the “Abril da Educação” tour where the educational designer José Pacheco and Psychopedagogue Ludmilla Duarte will present the New Social Constructions of Learning in Portugal.

In this year of greater community movements, we want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April and manifest the next 50 years in edcucation. The objective of this tour is for it to be reproduced and replicated wherever it passes. The free and accredited training for teachers is followed by a public debate to raise awareness and connect the many projects and people spread across each location.

Today, rates of youth suicide, teacher “workout” and functional illiteracy are growing.

Contemporary human projects are not in line with the school practices we still have, they lack a new ethical system and a clear axiological matrix, based on knowing how to care and live together.

They require that we abandon stereotypes and prejudices, that we transform an obsolete school into a school that gives everyone and everyone opportunities to be and learn – that guarantees everyone the right to education.

If modernity tends to send us towards an individualistic ethic, it will never be enough to talk about coexistence and dialogue, as conditions for learning that promote sustainable human development.

From the classroom and what we are, what we know and what we know how to do, it is urgent to affirm the possibility of conceiving a new social construction of learning, in which, effectively, an integral education takes place.

There is an urgent need to innovate, humanize and refound the School.


About the author

We are a group of more than 1000 parents and teachers that grows day by day. We concentrated our efforts in seven locations in the country Montemor-o-Novo, Lisbon, Leiria, São João da Madeira, Porto and Viseu. Together with schools in these locations, we intend to provide free and accredited training for more than 100 teachers. We wish to build a conscious, participatory and healthy connection between school, family and local community. We believe that specialized training is urgent for school transformation to happen.

In each location during the month of April and May we will raise awareness and train teachers, parents and their entire school community. We will enable a large public debate where the community in each location can actively participate. We want to restore dignity to the teaching profession and nourish autonomy in schools and students.

In our group, which really grows day by day, we encourage and support teachers to innovate and humanize the school. We are spread across the country, united and together we want to raise funds to train teachers dedicated to changing education. We want to build a balanced and healthy school community, capable of providing all children and young people with an innovative, humane and regenerative education. We believe that it is through school that society as a whole is balanced, which is why the training of these social builders is essential.

José Pacheco e Ludmilla Duarte

Budget and due dates

Together and very united, we built a team of volunteers that takes care of all the logistics of the events, communication and publicity of the project, thus ensuring that this fundraising only goes towards what is budgeted.

Round-trip plane tickets Rio de Janeiro/Lisbon for two people 7 April to 12 May: €3,200.

Travel for two people between 6 cities 18 April to 9 May: €500

37 hours of training with two trainers in 6 cities 18 April to 9 May: €2200

Food for trainers/speakers in debates in 6 cities 18 April to 9 May: €350

Printing of publicity posters from 1st to 5th April: €150

Fuel for event support team from April 18th to May 9th: €100

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    The central axis of this work is the very rich idea of the Learning Community.

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    60-minute online session with Ludmilla Duarte and discover what Humanized education really is?

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    Online and individual session with José Pacheco and Ludmilla Duarte

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