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AAMA on 4 wheels

AAMA needs a van to transport children and teenagers with special needs so they can enjoy several different programs in different spaces.

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AAMA needs a van to transport children and teenagers with special needs so they can enjoy several different programs in different spaces.

The AAMA (Association of Adapted Motor Activity) needs a 9-seater van to transport children, young people and adults with special needs for various AAMA programs including: IIP (Early Intensive Intervention), ATLs (Free Time Activities), summer camps and INtegrarTE (training and integration into the labor market). Our old van broke down and the arrangement is very expensive. We already have the financial support of Lisbon City Council and Delloite, we also have some amount raised, but it is not enough.

Making the world a place where there is no exclusion depends on everyone. Organizing and implementing our AAMA project on a daily basis is our contribution. What is yours? Participate in this campaign. We are waiting for you.

About the author

AAMA (Association of Adapted Motor Activity) is a non-profit association, with the status of IPSS since 2013, whose mission is to support populations with disabilities and other special needs and their families. We work in the sports, therapeutic, recreational, educational and training fields, promoting the quality of life of people with disabilities and the full exercise of their citizenship. (https://aama.org.pt/)

We started our activity in January 2009, with 1 adapted swimming program, 1 x a week with 6 children with Special Educational Needs and 4 monitors. We currently have 210 users with Special Needs (children, adolescents and adults), 45 technicians, and 9 different programs namely: adapted swimming, adapted dance, adapted martial arts, psychomotricity, early intensive stimulation, holiday camps, adapted physical activity, monitoring and pedagogical support for children with special educational needs in schools and at home, IntegrarTE (integration of young people with disabilities in the labor market).

Budget and due dates

Attached are 3 second-hand van quotes between €15,000 and €20,000.

AAMA has available about 7,000 euros to purchase the van. The crowdfunding value of 5500 euros will help a lot in the purchase of the van. The remaining amount will be obtained through a loan.

The objective will be to carry out crowdfunding for 2 months between October and December 2021. Acquire the van by the end of 2021.

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    Many thanks for your support. To always remember us, we are going to offer you a wonderful touch-tip pen that you can use without ruining your smartphone screen. Offer of shipping costs to Portugal

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    Many thanks for your support. Our special children will make and send a personalized and unique postcard to thank you for your contribution.

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    Many thanks for your support. you will receive a T-shirt from our programs so you can wear our cause, which is now yours too!

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    Visit to a program

    Thank you very much for the support. We would like to invite you to a personalized visit to one of our programs so that you can directly observe the work we do daily with our special children. will receive a little surprise souvenir.

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    Many thanks for your support. In order to remember your generous contribution, the company logo will be placed in full size on the side of the van.

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