Perlim-pim: The magic of the game in Dor
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Perlim-pim: The magic of the game in Dor

The Perlim-Pim Project embarks on the mission to tread unexplored paths in the field of pain therapy.

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The Perlim-Pim Project embarks on the mission to tread unexplored paths in the field of pain therapy.

The innovative Perlim-Pim Project, currently seeking funding via crowdfunding, promises to be a paradigm shift in the use of games as prescribed therapy for chronic pain in the elderly population. This project aims to "provide 60 minutes of smiles and well-being to 50 elderly people living in 2 socially isolated areas of the country of Portugal". It is dedicated to implementing a specialized therapeutic game program as a non-pharmacological strategy for the relief of chronic pain in the elderly population. This innovative initiative promises to be a path of great potential to improve the quality of life of the elderly, promoting the provision of a revolutionary program for pain management, by a team of excellent health professionals. implement the therapeutic game as a non-pharmacological approach to pain relief, introducing a new dimension of care that could significantly improve the quality of life of isolated elderly people who experience persistent and disabling pain.

Chronic pain is a reality for thousands of elderly people around the world, affecting their daily functionality and mental well-being. Traditional methods of treatment often involve medication, which can cause significant side effects with a high potential for addiction. The Perlim-Pim Project seeks to validate a viable alternative to these methods, through an interactive and engaging solution.

The founding and coordinating team of the Perlim-Pim Project believes that their innovative approach has the potential to transform the experience of chronic pain for seniors, minimizing the perception of discomfort and providing relief in a new and empowering way.

"Our approach is different because it sees pain not only as a physical symptom to be fought, but as a multidimensional experience that also involves emotional and cognitive aspects", Professor Marlene Rosa, from the AGILidades Team. "We are exploring the hypothesis that active engagement with therapeutic games can divert attention from pain, thereby reducing its perceived intensity."

The team hopes to raise enough funds to develop the program in different parts of the country and test the effectiveness of the game as a therapy in a group of elderly people and eventually make it available on a large scale for those suffering from chronic pain.

About the author

The company Agilidades, promoter of the Perlim-Pim Project, is a company with a strong commitment to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations through the creation and implementation of therapeutic games. The company has extensive experience in developing analogue solutions with a strong social component.

Agilidades is recognized for its user-centric approach, ensuring that the solutions developed are aligned with the needs and desires of the populations they serve. In addition, it has a strong tradition of collaborating with entities in the social and health sector, developing solutions that really make a difference in people's lives.

The company's commitment to innovation and its passion for improving the well-being of the elderly are reflected in the Perlim-Pim Project. The company aims to envision this opportunity to combine therapeutic play with non-pharmacological approaches to chronic pain, creating a potentially revolutionary solution to a problem that affects many seniors.

Agilidades hopes that this project is just the beginning of a continuous effort to develop and implement solutions that promote a healthier and happier life for the elderly population. The success of the crowdfunding campaign at PPL will allow Agilidades to continue to make a difference in the lives of many, providing innovative and user-centric solutions to complex problems.

Budget and due dates

Phase 1 (0-3 months): In this initial stage, the main activity will be fundraising through the PPL platform. In addition, publicizing the project to the community, potential supporters and partners will also be a priority. This phase will include creating and maintaining a presence on social media, developing promotional materials and participating in relevant events to increase project visibility.

Phase 2 (3-6 months): Once funding is secured, the Perlim-Pim Project team will start by planning and marking the spaces related to the development of the project. All the goods necessary for the development of the project will be produced, as well as all the necessary accommodation and travel reservations.

Phase 3 (6-12 months): The test project will begin. This will involve the recruitment of elderly volunteers, with more fragile factors (isolated, without an active support network), the implementation of the game in controlled environments and the collection of initial feedback. The team will make adjustments and optimizations based on that feedback. A study will also be started to evaluate the effectiveness of the game in relieving chronic pain in the elderly population and in promoting positive emotions.

Phase 4 (12+ months): This is the final phase of the project, where data collection will be finalized. This will include analyzing the collected data, evaluating the results and producing detailed reports. In addition, preparations will be made for the game's large-scale distribution, including partnerships with health organizations, senior centers and government institutions. At the end of this phase, the Perlim-Pim Project will have achieved its goal of developing a non-pharmacological approach to chronic pain relief in the elderly population.

Costs involved

Unit price








Max. 500km

6 trips*500


stay and food

12 nights

48 meals


48*10€ = 240

printed materials

Health education material to support the sessions

100*25€ = 1250€

therapeutic games

Leave at least 5 games for each region of the country where we will promote the program

(maximum 3 regions of the country)

15 games*75€ = 562.5€




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    The collaborator will have his name as a supporter associated with the project. You will also be consulted, if you wish, on important decisions in the development of the project. Your ideas will receive special attention.

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    Aspiring Collaborator

    In addition to receiving the previous rewards, the collaborator will receive a “sample/trial of a therapeutic game that counts on the program. Players will feel like they are in a real festival, dancing to various sequences and songs of various rhythms. While dancing, they train movement coordination, live together and are happy. Choose 10 cards to get a group dancing. Each card in play allows the elderly to choose the level of music they can dance to. The elderly can randomly choose one of the cards shown in the image. Music and movement come together to make our seniors feel like they are in a real ARRIAL party!

    Postman/courier delivery
    Shipping included (to Portugal)

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    In addition to receiving the previous rewards, the employee will have the ability to “sponsor” an elderly person who is part of the project. You will also have the ability to communicate with the elderly person you sponsored through pain landing telegrams (letters that are written by each supporter and that will be delivered/read to the respective elderly person).

    Postman/courier delivery
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    8 backers

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Wed, 26/07/2023 - 15:45

Muito Obrigado!

Caros Apoiantes, Graças ao vosso generoso apoio, conseguimos alcançar um valor financeiro suficiente para levar este projeto intitulado “Perlim-Pim” a uma zona isolada no no...

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  • Agilidades

    Muito Obrigado!

    Caros Apoiantes,

    Graças ao vosso generoso apoio, conseguimos alcançar um valor financeiro suficiente para levar este projeto intitulado “Perlim-Pim” a uma zona isolada no nosso país, esperando fazer “magia” na vida dos que mais necessitam. Apesar de não conseguirmos o valor total, não queremos baixar os braços e queremos proporcionar um momento digno e prazeroso a estes idosos. Esta conquista será um reflexo da vossa fé no poder da terapia e do jogo para aliviar a dor, e da vossa disposição em fazer a diferença na vida das pessoas que mais precisam.

    Cada contribuição que recebemos, não importa quanto, foi crucial para nos aproximar da nossa meta. Agora, podemos começar a implementar o projeto Perlim-pim e ajudar a aliviar a dor através da magia do jogo.

    Nós valorizamos cada um de vós e acreditamos que a transparência e a comunicação aberta são essenciais para o sucesso deste projeto. Assim, mantê-los-emos atualizados sobre o progresso do projeto e sobre as diferentes formas de aplicar as vossas contribuições.

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  • Luis António Silva

    contribuição extra

    boa tarde, gostaria de ainda contribuir com mais algumas doações, se for viável.
    mas terão que ser calendarizadas em função das Vossas necessidades, e da verba final recebida da plataforma.
    seria possível disponibilizar um IBAN ? muito obrigado, cumps

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  • AgilidadesLuis António Silva

    Um simples Obrigado não chega para um apoiador como o Sr. Lúis!

    Boa Tarde Sr. Luís

    Espero que se encontre bem.

    Desde já agradecemos por todo o seu apoio e pela mensagem que mereceu toda a nossa atenção e carinho por percebermos que ainda existem pessoas com a coragem de ajudar a construir uma sociedade melhor e mais inclusiva.

    No âmbito deste projeto, a expectativa inicial seria angariar um valor de 5000€ , permitindo chegar a 50 idosos em 2 localidades isoladas no país, sendo estes custos inerentes à totalidade dos recursos necessários e de logística para o seu desenvolvimento. Contudo, apenas recebemos 1530€ (cerca de 30%).

    Não queremos baixar os braços, pelo que, e em equipa, decidimos que vamos avançar com os meios que tivermos disponíveis, promovendo alguns reajustes no projeto inicialmente desenhado. A maior mudança será realizada no recrutamento de 15-20 voluntários idosos (ao contrário dos 50 propostos) e na incidência do projeto apenas a uma zona isolada de Portugal.

    Nesse sentido, temos previsto o seguinte planeamento:

    (i) entre agosto e setembro irá ocorrer o desenvolvimento e aquisição de materiais, planeamento das sessões e reforço da equipa com mais um elemento;

    (ii) entre os meses de setembro e dezembro será aplicado o projeto com todos os custos de logística associados (transporte, recursos humanos, alimentação);

    (iii) a última fase será de divulgação do projeto a toda a comunidade com uma amostra viva das ações promovidas e dos resultados obtidos;

    Dessa forma, todos os valores que conseguirmos obter adicionalmente ao valor do Crowdfunding será repartido de forma equivalente entre: (i) aumento do número de idosos; (ii) acrescento de uma outra zona isolada do país; (iii) reforço dos materiais necessários para implementação; (iv) ajudas de custo. O nosso IBAN é PT50007900000956833910161

    Este é o nosso plano, compromisso e visão de querermos fazer algo inovador e diferente em prol da sociedade. Todos os custos associados ao projeto serão formalmente disponibilizados via email.

    Queremos, de forma muito sincera, agradecer o seu contato e a sua vontade de nos ajudar, sendo que adoraríamos manter o Sr. Luís ao corrente de todos os feitos realizados, assim como manter um contacto mais próximo com a nossa equipa. Dessa forma, fica aqui o convite para visitar as nossas instalações (Start Up de Leiria- Junto ao Hospital de Leiria) e o nosso email (

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