trial / error

trial / error

´It is a documentary film, focused on crossing the Pyrenees by bicycle, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast. Micael Ferreira is the protagonist. Artist and athlete meet...

´It is a documentary film, focused on crossing the Pyrenees by bicycle, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast. Micael Ferreira is the protagonist. Artist and athlete meet at the top of the mountain.

(Latin supero, -are , to be above, to rise, to excel, to dominate, to surpass, to precede, to be superior to)
2. Go beyond that. = CLIMB, SUBJECT, OVERCOME
3. Get a win over. = WIN
"to overcome" , in Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language

It is a Portuguese documentary film produced independently, whose funding is raised through this campaign, the support of many friends and associations, and the desire to film a huge friend.

This film documents the healing process of the charismatic artist/athlete and longtime friend, Micael Ferreira, one of the athletes who will compete in the TRANSPYRENEES 2023 race in June. It is a complex and demanding ultra-cycling and bikepacking event, without any support. Our protagonist will participate in a duo, alongside with another very special artist/athlete and friend, Ivo Relveiro.

5 friends head to the Pyrenees on June 22, 2023.
On a trip, each one with their baggage, eagerness and expectation.
A van, two bicycles and some filming equipment.

1050km of mountain ahead.
2 of them pedal, another 3 follow behind, attentively.

About a year ago, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin 's lymphoma, still during a very hard family mourning.
Gradually, Micael stopped being able to pedal. The alert is given: the cure has begun.

The protagonist's state of physical and mental health today is recommended, and in part, we know that it was the bicycle that brought him back to life. We want to understand how far he is willing to go in confrontation with the camera, with his traveling partner, Ivo, and with himself.

One of the premises and challenges of this film is to let it orbit and stand out among all those close by or even further away. We do it now through this crowdfunding and we will do it again by giving this film back to the community.
We believe we are able to document this journey better than anyone else.
We'd like to share it with all of you on that side.

O Micael sobe à serra D'aire, onde cresceu.

Micael Ferreira (1993) graduated in Visual Arts-Multimedia at the University of Évora and at FBAUL (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon) and started a Masters in Visual Arts at ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Queen). Among other works, the following stand out: Silêncio, My city on a balcony, Destino-me a ser, 000 , um and At the table it doesn't manifest itself. In 2016 he won a scholarship through the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation Award.

Born in Torres Novas, he grew up in Mata, a village on the outskirts of the city. This meant that his work was always linked to the rural environment, living in the interior of the country and Nature. His work transgresses between the error and its appearance. Perfection is not in your dictionary. It never restricts any support to present your images and ideas. He is interested in objects that can tell stories and many of his works arise from these same objects. It focuses more on the nature of what is captured, rather than on the format or gears. He thinks that the ancients help him to better understand reality and everyday life, but he doesn't get too attached to the past. He is interested in the naivety of things and in objects that exist in all circumstances. It ends with a quote from her friend Marta: “There are biographies that could be just that - Micael Ferreira is very fond of Thomas Hirschhorn”.

Ivo Relveiro (1993) Born in Rio Maior. Graduated in Multimedia Art, in the Photography course, and Master in Anthropology, in the specialty of Visual Cultures. He is currently a professor of photography at the António Arroio Artistic School, developing work around the photographic image, oscillating between the documentary component and the archive, approaching from appropriation to the recording of the instant. Marked by issues such as the need for representation or looking at the other, his work is, at the same time, a portrait of someone and a biography of himself.

"(...) All the works I create come from memory, but I don't use it as a theme, just as a figurative intervener. I feel that I don't want to lock myself into a specific theme. I like to represent the past and contextualize it in the present and the the opposite. What we live and do is the result of our present influences, which one day may be taken as past, but now, it is the present." Michael Ferreira

O Micael não sabe fazer mais nada "que é andar de bicicleta."

About the author

Bernardo Theriaga (1994) studied at ESTC (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) and from there he launched himself into the job market as assistant and sound director. He is a sound director and develops sound capture, editing and mixing work in cinema, installation and television projects, feature and short films, with the Snack-Bar studio “O Eclipse” and with Colectivo249. Among others, he worked on the sound of films made by Albert Serra ( Liberté ), Ágata Pinho ( Azul ), Ivo M. Ferreira ( Sul ), João Canijo ( Fátima, Mal Viver and Viver Mal ), João Nuno Pinto ( Mosquito ), Leonor Teles ( Balada de um Batráquio and Terra Franca ), Marta Ribeiro ( Simon Chama ) and Pedro Cabeleira ( Verão Danado, By Flávio and Entroncamento ).

Tomé Mira (1993) studied at ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design) and capturing real moments, such as looking at things as they are and their evolution and transformation, is what most captures his attention. His work is based on the exploration of photography and video and the relationship with the natural and human environment. He participated in the exhibition NÃO FOI MINHA INTENÇÃO, in 2021, curated by Mafalda Duarte Barrela. He is a founding member of the cultural association from Torres Novas COLECTIVO 249, and a member of the current board, and has participated in the development of works such as À MESA NÃO SE MANIFESTA, SENSO, and the most recent sound installation MONDA SONORA.

Pedro Marujo (1994) graduated as an actor at ESTC (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) but his contact with other projects gave him the will and impetus to embark on the area of production, understanding the needs of each project where he works . He began his professional career as the protagonist of Pedro Cabeleira's first feature film, VERÃO DANADO, in 2017. In cinema he was part of the cast of A FRONTEIRA and A TROCA, by MarginalFilmes, DIAS DE NEVOEIRO, by Francisco Carvalho. He is more interested in developing his skills in different artistic areas, such as performance, where he started his authorial work, with NARCISO, in 2018, and in the same year SEM TÍTULO (TOURADA). He was part of group exhibitions, in 2019 with Micael Ferreira, LADO A vs LADO A, with Margarida Franco, MATÉRIA STRL, and in 2021 in the exhibition NÃO FOI MINHA INTENÇÃO.

Budget and due dates


meals - 3 people - 10 days - 600€

transport - fuel, tolls - 700€

production expenses - travel insurance (interveners, van and equipment) - 350€

BLS course, first aid kit, hygiene/safety - 100€

consumables - batteries, mini DV cassettes, tape - 150€

unforeseen events - €150

production work - 1000€

image capture and equipment - 1250€

sound capture and equipment - 1250€

dissemination/communication committee - 750€

FUCK CANCER vinyl print (van side) - 5 0€

donation Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil EPE (IPO Lisboa) - 1000€

PPL commissions/Transfers - €747.23

Total - €8097.23




May 21st and 22nd

May 26th and 27th

June 4th to 9th

trip to the pyrenees

Departure - June 22

End of trip - July 1st

post trip

There will also be a shooting period after returning to Portugal   to capture the aftermath of the whole experience.

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