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The moon has a fatal disease that in this case gave him 1 month to live, which is called pif and is a mutation of the corona virus

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The moon has a fatal disease that in this case gave him 1 month to live, which is called pif and is a mutation of the corona virus

Hello, I started this campaign to raise funds since my kitten named Lua was diagnosed today with FIP, in this case already in the abdominal wet phase. For those who don't know, it's a mutation of the corona virus that is fatal (which they gave us an average life expectancy of 1 month), at the moment the only treatment that exists is an experimental study provided by the group PIF Portugal Luta Contra o PIF, which according to them, it has had success rates of

80-90%. In the case the treatment is carried out to the point of

84 days in which 84 injections are administered (1 per day) of varying dosages depending on the weight of the kitten and the analyzes that it undergoes throughout the treatment, which in this case lasts 3 months, followed by another 3 months of follow-up so that at the end the vets on the page can discharge the kitten. Daily dosages can vary between 1ml possibly up to 2.5 or more, each bottle of medicine contains 5ml and costs €62. I work and study at the same time, I don't have any financial possibility to support these costs, since all this started with a small virus that he caught on the street for which the treatment already costs 450€ at the vet, I come from a poor family that doesn't have possibilities to help me, I have 4 brothers, my boyfriend is a student and also has no source of income. So here I am fighting time and trying to do everything in my power to save my son, I appreciate any help you can provide from the bottom of my heart. My name is Joana Almeida, thank you in advance to everyone who took the time to view, share or even help. Let's hope that we manage to face the treatment for him to be happy again with his sister and

Insta page for updates

About the author

I'm the owner of Lua, I'm 22 and I'm a computer engineering student in Coimbra and I don't work, the owner is Joana, she's 22 years old, works and studies, but lives alone and can't afford the treatment. less than 200€ available for food expenses and for the cats too, in addition to the vet expenses that are accumulating every day. I, as a boyfriend and "half" owner of lua, am doing everything possible to try to make all this work and we are convinced that we will succeed, we have had support from family and friends and are now trying to get support from people connected to the cause or who have love for animals/cats

Budget and due dates

84 days, 1 injection per day

1 bottle has 5ml

2.8ml dose (subject to change throughout treatment)

56 bottles in total, each costs €62

3 bottles last 3 days

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Hoje pregou nos um susto mas la correu tudo bem

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Wed, 10/05/2023 - 15:46

Prova da PIF positiva e tratamento em andamento

Vamos conseguir, todos juntos🙏

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