Give it a chance to Good News

Give it a chance to Good News

Give a chance to the Good News and contribute to a growing world!

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Give a chance to the Good News and contribute to a growing world!

The media is going through an economic desert in search of better days, of behavioral changes that lead to success. The digital has brought many advantages, but what is certain is that it has made the professionalization of information more vulgar. Their economic behaviors are different, demanding but tiny. We live in an age that devalues ​​the credibility of information and therefore the increase of false news, sensationalist and without journalistic content. We can not allow this to be the rule, and because we know there is still hope, and that there are still people who are looking for the best of information, we launch this campaign so they can help us keep the Good News project going.

How many times did you stop reading news because you knew that negativism was such that it could even influence your day? How many times have you not commented with your friends and family that the good news is not disclosed? That is why we decided to end this torment and launched the Boas Noticias ( portal that lives up to its name and we work on it based on positive information. We have stressed in our way of thinking that the world is growing and that it needs to be fed with good energies and that, above all, the good side of life deserves maximum prominence.

We want to continue this work, but for this we need your help! We like the idea that this project will not only be ours, but more and more, of all of us.

About the author

Boas Notícias (Good News) - a growing world is a portal of general information and permanent updating guided by values ​​of rigor, impartiality and exemption that bets on disseminating what is happening in the world in different areas, from scientific and technological innovation, to health, culture, society, sport, the environment and Portuguese communities, among others.

Boas Noticias is a project that lives up to its name by disseminating only good, positive and constructive news, whose foundations are the people who intervene in the stories that are told. The project also wants to counteract the pessimism that can plague the Portuguese and highlight what they are capable of doing well: inside and out. The Good News is not restricted to the Portuguese geographical borders and promises to spread the best of what it does in the Diaspora, going beyond borders and following what happens there positive.

I9 magazine, an integral part of Boas Noticias, presents a varied set of news; interviews with notable personalities; relevant opinions in the area of ​​innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the essential agenda for those who want to participate in the most relevant events of the universe i9 magazine!

Budget and due dates

The value we asked for was designed to ensure the operation of the Boas Noticias and i9 magazine portals for at least 7 months. For these months new strategies have been defined to reach new means of financing.

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