Support Wonda Swim to fight fast fashion threats

Support Wonda Swim to fight fast fashion threats

WONDA is an eco-friendly swimwear brand aiming to provide a solution that fits every body shape.

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WONDA is an eco-friendly swimwear brand aiming to provide a solution that fits every body shape.

WONDA is an eco-friendly swimwear brand aiming to provide a solution that fits every body shape.

When we moved to Portugal just over a year ago and discovered our passion for surfing, we were suddenly confronted with an actually already longly existing problem but now on a daily basis: Finding a perfectly fitting bikini we feel comfortable & confident in. We spent endless hours and lots of our nerves searching the web and also offline to find swimwear however there was really nothing we were satisfied with. And soon we realized we were not alone but that there are so many women out there that are unsatisfied.

But there is another issue that stroke us. Because did you know that about eight million tonnes of plastic waste find their way into the world's oceans each year, which means that every minute, a whole truck of garbage gets dumped into our oceans?

This in combination with looking at what terrible impact fast fashion has on our environment makes WONDA believe that the world can't continue to make clothes that do not consider our environment. So this is how WONDA was born.

WONDA is an eco friendly swimwear brand aiming to provide a solution that fits every body shape. Our bikinis are not only made from recycled ocean plastic,at WONDA you can also mix and match your individually preferred combination of top and bottom that fits your body best. Our high quality and classic & timeless design enables you to wear your bikini for several seasons and years as they won't fall out of trend. We want to encourage people to step away from fast fashion and to jump on the journey of making slow & circular fashion more mainstream.

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About the author

We are Kim and Teresa, both 26 years old, from Germany but currently living in Lisbon.

We met 7 years ago, during our bachelor studies. Realizing we have many similarities and very common values and interests, we became close friends. Our strongest connection probably always was our passion for the outdoors, nature, the ocean and our compassion for the environment.

Kim is our strategic and communicative spirit. Being an action seeker and with various work experience in different startups, Kim brings some crucial entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset to the team.

And then there is Tete, our creative, however, also exceptionally analytical mind. Having a knack for data and design, she enriches the team by connecting vision to facts.

And together, we believe that our shared passion for this project which resulted out of a personal pain point combined with our common values and complementary skills, are the reason that we are the perfect mix and match for making WONDA successful.

Work in progress

Budget and due dates

With 10 000€ we will be able to finance our first production round. With raising 20 000€ in total, we could even launch a second color - just in time for summer.

With backing our campaign we want to give you something in return. That's why we have decided on the following rewards:

  1. With backing our campaign with 20€, you'll receive: A free eco-friendly WONDA tote bag with your first WONDA purchase (see photo)

  2. With backing our campaign with 50€, you'll receive: 20% off your first WONDA set purchase

  3. With backing our campaign with 100€, you'll receive: 40% off your first WONDA set purchase

Please help us make this WONDA happen. Thank you so much!


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