Meetfield is an online platform that connects people through sports. Our app turns the organization of a sports' game a fun and easy process, where excuses to play in a fun afte...

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Meetfield is an online platform that connects people through sports. Our app turns the organization of a sports' game a fun and easy process, where excuses to play in a fun afternoon are not allowed. Meetfield not only provides a straightforward game organization between friend, but also gives the Meetfielders the opportunity of joining public games made for third parties to join. This way the game takes place and the community of Meetfielders grows with new friendships and teams being created!

How it all started…

José, one of our co-founders, went to Kuala Lumpur (Malasia) to study for an exchange semester. When he arrived he was eager to play football but a crucial problem came up: how to find people?
After two weeks José managed to join three different WhatsApp groups which organized matches. However, there were around 80 people per group and the typical problem of having 200+ notifications, the game being full or cancelled due to problems in organization was a constant.
During his first game, he met 9 new people, which were not only important in his integration in the city, but also opened some professional opportunities later on.
At that moment he realized that sports indeed connect people, but that a more efficient method could exist. This is how Meetfield started.

Zé playing soccer in Malaysia

Meetfield aims to connect people through Sports. Our goal is to incentivize a healthy lifestyle based on team sports, meeting new people and creating new bonds, while also strengthening the old ones.

The big question is “how?”. Meetfield is an online platform that combines everything you need to make it happen: from the offer of the booking of the field itself to the option of checking time slots availability and, most importantly, the gathering of the must needed players- either your old or new friends. 

Are you missing some players? Did someone bail last minute? You don’t know how to book the field?
Meetfield solves the typical problems and eliminates all the possible excuses to skip on that (more or less) intense afternoon sports session. 

Do you know what the best part is? Meetfield is for everyone! If you only want to play with your friends that is fine: organize the whole game through our platform, invite them and have fun! On the other hand, if you love meeting new people, just join a public game. Age range? Forget all about that! If your grandpa is in shape, bring him along! 
At Meetfield we believe life is meant to be shared and want to connect people through sports.

About the author

Inês Lopes - Management at NovaSBE, passionate about Marketing and knows how to speak 5 languages.

José Caetano - Management at NovaSBE, a Marketing-geek that knows every single interesting fact about marketing and plays soccer with his friends regularly.                

Francisco Costa- Our Engineer at IST, who meditates, is our Mindset-Coach and is a victim from the chaos of organizing games through Whatsapp.

Miguel Monteiro- Economics at NovaSBE, has a talent for numbers and very good bread-baking skills.

With this combination, we assure you that we have a successful result-delivering team!

Ou team

Budget and due dates

Launching Tournament 200
MVP     500
Promotion   250
Domain     50
App Development   TBD
PPL Fee     92.25
Net Amount   907.75


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