ARCOS - Webseries

ARCOS - Webseries

Webseries based on the first Portuguese serial killer, Diogo Alves, the Assassin of Águas Livres Aqueduct.

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Webseries based on the first Portuguese serial killer, Diogo Alves, the Assassin of Águas Livres Aqueduct.

In 1837 a small factory town in Lisbon is targeted with mysterious events, several people start to die in the aqueduct that crosses the town. Everyone believed that those deaths were suicides.

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Catarina, a 29-year-old woman, disappears and is found dead at the feet of the aqueduct.

Her son Manuel, a 13-year-old boy, does not believe that his mother committed suicide and begins an investigation into the aqueduct murderer, along with Leonor, an 18-year-old girl, with whom he ends up developing a peculiar friendship.

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Arcos is a transmedia series based on the murderer Diogo Alves, the first Portuguese serial killer. He has the particularity of having killed more than 70 people in a single year by throwing them from the Águas Livres Aqueduct. After his capture, Diogo was beheaded and his head is still found at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

Our concept is to take this serial killer and show the events through the eyes of a child.

Given the country's circumstances, the pre-production phase was done at a distance, however our team is very enthusiastic about the project and full of energy and strength to carry out the pilot episode. We are using this means to obtain help in financing the project.

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About the author

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The team consists of students in the second year of the Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication and Sound Science and Technology course at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

We have the presence of the actor Manuel Encarnação as the protagonist of the series and the actress, Carolina Lopes , who plays the role of Catarina.


Showrunner: Alice Faria

Director: Gonçalo Duarte
1st Assistant Director: João Morgado
Script Supervisor: Daniela Dias

Executive Producer and Production Director: Margarida Caldas
Production Coordinator: Bernardo Naia
Head of Production: Tatiana Voss
Production Assistant: Sandro Tordo

Director of Photography: Mariah Pacheco
1st Image Assistant: Fernando Tavares
2nd Image Assistant: Ciro Amaral
Gaffer: Luís Nunes
Lighting Assistant: Inês Lourinho
Driver: Paulo Rocha
Assistant Engineer: Luca Pimenta
Scene Photography and Making-of: Leonor Oliveira

Sound Director: Filipe Silva
Head of Sound Recording: Bruno Nogueira
Sound Designer: Rodrigo Fernandes
Sound Designer Assistant: André Lourenço
Music: Pedro Damiani

Art Director: Joana Contente
Chief of Decoration: Mariana Frias
Prop Master: Manoella Guimarães
Head of Wardrobe: Violetta Sira
Makeup and Hair: Sara Santos

Editors: Bruno Alves and João Morgado
Editing Assistant: Pedro Batalha
Colorist: André Pereira
Graphics: Diogo Rocha

Distribution Strategy Manager: Marta Frazão
Promotion Coordinator: Daniela Dias
Web Content Producer: Francisco Correia
Promotion Assistant: Maria Batista
Social Media: Tairine Rosa
Webdesigner: Matheus Ribeiro

Illustrations: Giuliana Pacheco

Budget and due dates

The project is funded by the University, but we need to raise extra funding due to high production costs.

We want the pilot episode to be completed as we imagined it and for that we need your support.

Share our campaign and help us achieve our goal.


  • Travel - 620 €
  • Food - 515 €
  • Shooting Locations / Licenses - 100 €
  • Others (Art Department / Technical Equipment) - 170 €
  • PPL Commission (5%) - € 59.96


  • Shooting will take place in the first week of July.
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