Plant a Lemon Tree
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Plant a Lemon Tree

We plant a lemon tree in your name Have a sign in our orchard Visit your lemon tree

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We plant a lemon tree in your name Have a sign in our orchard Visit your lemon tree

AMARGO is a 100% organic farm that essentially produces lemon! We ask for your help to plant 100 lemon trees and grow our orchard, how to do it? Simple, through the donation in this campaign (28 €) you will sponsor a lemon tree, you will choose the name to give to the lemon tree in exchange you will have a sign in the orchard with the chosen name, a text or a tribute! This plaque will immortalize sponsorship. In the future you can visit your lemon tree and pick the lemons! Have a picnic or just enjoy your company. Help AMARGO to have 100% organic lemons directly from the orchard, for your kitchen.

All the money from the crowdfunding will be used for the well-being of lemons and lemon trees

All help is welcome

About the author

AMARGO is a Portuguese farm, located in Azambujeira-Benedita, in the Centro area! AMARGO has an organic and sustainable production where the main product will be lemons! As animals we will adopt the "Noah's Ark" style with the largest number of couples of each species! But we will give chickens and their eggs a privilege!

In the not too distant future we will also have the AL part!

Sponsor a lemon tree, give it a name, get a placard from our orchard that you can also use as a gift and have the opportunity to visit the farm and its lemon tree!

Budget and due dates

We ask for € 2800 which will correspond to 100 planted lemon trees

The campaign will run for 30 days

  • AMARGO T Shirt

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    AMARGO T Shirt

    AMARGO white t-shirt 100% cotton and 190g

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  • Lemon tree name

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    Lemon tree name

    Plaque with the chosen name, to be placed next to your lemon tree! The plaque had immortalized the sponsorship of the lemon tree.

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    Força nisso! ?? Que a vida vos dê muitos Limões! ???

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