Alcindo: documentary about Alcindo Monteiro case
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Alcindo: documentary about Alcindo Monteiro case

A year ago we started shooting a documentary feature about the Alcindo Monteiro case. This documentary is made with a lot of voluntary and collaborative work, but for it to be p...

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A year ago we started shooting a documentary feature about the Alcindo Monteiro case. This documentary is made with a lot of voluntary and collaborative work, but for it to be post-produced it needs your support.

On the 10th of June 1995, under the multiple pretext of celebrating the Race Day and the victory of Sporting for the Cup of Portugal, a large group of Portuguese ethno-nationalists went to the streets of Bairro Alto to beat up black people they met along the way. The official result was 11 victims, one of them deadly, whose tragic death on Rua Garret gives name to the court case - the Alcindo Monteiro case. Alcindo is a documentary about a long night - a night with the size of a country.

About a year ago we started producing a documentary feature film about the Alcindo Monteiro case. This traumatic event in the history of Lisbon, especially for the black people of the country, continues to be bathed in a deafening silence - a silence, let's face it, colluding with fascism and its multiple expressions.

Committed to the fight against forgetting this memory, the documentary was filmed with many hours of voluntary and collaborative work, with the only goal being the need to record this story.

Alcindo is in post-production, but to be finished and improved requires a series of technical works: coloring, motion graphics, sound design, sound mixing, image rights, etc. It is a type of work that we aren't able to develop in the collaborative way that we have developed so far.

That is why we ask for support from those who, like us, want to see this document finished!

About the author

Direction and Screenplay: Miguel Dores
Research and Interviews: Beatriz Carvalho, Miguel Dores
Director of Photography: Filipe Casimiro
Editing: André Mendes, Miguel Dores
Production: João Afonso Vaz
Developer: Maus da Fita
Institutional Support: SOS Racism

Project description

This documentary work was born out of Miguel Dores' master's project in Visual Anthropology. Over time, the importance of telling this story has transformed this master's project into a documentary feature film with bigger intentions than an academic publication.

Today, 25 years away from the Alcindo Monteiro case, in the country with the longest colonial tradition in Europe, racial conflicts do not seem to lose their relevance - the cases of Kuku, Alfragide's squad, Jamaica's neighborhood, Giovanni, Claúdia Simões or Bruno Candé - are just examples of an unsettled account.

The common discourse hangs, however, on the old portuguese myth "of the meek customs". The maximum expression of this continuity is the 10th of June, the Day of Portugal, Camões and of the Portuguese Communities, involved in a system of solar colonial revisionism and in the ecumenical vocation of Portugal. That is why the documentary works on this genocidal event not as an apolitical spontaneity, or a hooligan phenomenon imported from Europe, but as a result of a social process.

The documentary approaches this event from several layers of memory, which correspond to different documentary devices: (i) memories of loved ones of Alcindo; (ii) memories and problematizations of black youth about racism in Portugal in the 1990s; (iii) audiovisual archives, written and graphic press about racial violence in the 90s, home videos, pamphlets, court documents, political magazines; (iv) interviews and militancy performances by the anti-racist and anti-fascist movements; (v) observation of colonial matrices present in the geography of the city of Lisbon; (vi) observation of contemporary social mobilizations.

The documentary Alcindo has no intention of being a persecutory report centered on neo-Nazi violence. On the contrary, the film seeks first of all to be a tribute to those who resist and those who fall, and in this tribute illustrates the structurality of a social debate.

All of the film's interlocutors are chosen for their organic relationship with the Alcindo Monteiro case (family members, lawyers, Alcindo's co-workers, friends, people who were in Bairro Alto on that day, people who started participating in politics at this time, etc.) and will constitute their testimonies around their life trajectory.

Budget and due dates

Image finishing (final cut, color grading, motion graphics, image rights, etc.) - € 5,050
Audio finishing (sound mixing, sound design) - € 2,200
Studio rental + equipment - € 2,000
Production Costs - 750 €
Total cost: 10,000 euros

Final Edition - May / June / July
Post-production image - July / August
Sound post-production - July / August
Premiere - October


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Alcindo - campanha financiada!

Muitíssimo obrigado por todas as 313 pessoas que contribuíram para que esta história seja contada! Chegámos à meta de angariação proposta! Quando lançámos a campanha de fundo...

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  • Miguel Dores

    Alcindo - campanha financiada!

    Muitíssimo obrigado por todas as 313 pessoas que contribuíram para que esta história seja contada! Chegámos à meta de angariação proposta!

    Quando lançámos a campanha de fundos não esperávamos uma tão rápida adesão e contribuição. Mais ou menos 10 dias conseguimos chegar ao montante de uma campanha que se propunha a ter dois meses. Nesta campanha focamo-nos em orçamentar o essencial para a finalização do filme, mas há ainda uma série de pequenos trabalhos e gastos que sabemos que vamos ter com a promoção e distribuição do filme. Entre estas encontram-se: inscrição do filme em festivais, design e impressão de cartaz, realização de cópias do filme, legendagem, press kit, impressão de t-shirt's e totebags, gastos de transporte para promoção do filme a nível nacional. Todos os apoios continuarão a ser fulcrais para que este filme chegue mais longe!

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