A Monte - short-film

A Monte - short-film

Summer. Five friends go on a road trip through the coast of Alentejo. Rita decides to meet with someone from her past. There begins a path that can bring her some answers.

Summer. Five friends go on a road trip through the coast of Alentejo. Rita decides to meet with someone from her past. There begins a path that can bring her some answers.

Family - what is it and where do we find it? In fact, more than family, where do we feel at home? Which are the houses that bring us memories and what kind of houses are we looking for even if temporary or insecure?

Summer. Rita travels with her group of friends to a familiar place. Together they enjoy the beach, the friendship and the sea. They are on holidays and apparently there is nothing but this foolish, carefree happiness of summer living, almost returning to what it used to be when they were children. And in the midst of this apathy, there’s a trigger to the reality and the essence of who she is and what she seeks. It’s in the absence of our daily rhythm and habits that we suddenly realize the weight of things and what we can’t forget.

A MONTE is an independent short-film produced by a group of young creators, artists and early-stage technicians in the fields of film, theatre, fine arts and music. At this pre-production stage we seek your help to complete the funding and start shooting on October 2019.  

We are so close to the shooting and your help is essencial!

Please leave us your contribution, follow our Instagram account @a.monte.filme and help us spread the word!

About the author

cast /  Rita Rocha Silva, Fernando Nobre, Mário Coelho, Rita Silvestre, Rodrigo Tomás e Teresa Moreira

screenplay and director / Mariana Guarda

first assistant director / Miguel Cravo

producer / Emma Saints

production manager / Vânia Boteta

assistant production manager / Helena Nunes

director of photography / João Belém

assistant camera / Ana Pires

art directors / Ana Bossa e Marta Viana 

sound designer / Daniel Manesse

score recorder / Joaquim Twinkel

Budget and due dates

Although we already have some partners and investors, this funding is needed to cover the following expenses:

Travel - 300€

Accomodation - 550€

Catering - 350€

Art Department - 150€

Post Production - 100€

PPL Commission (5% + IVA)

Payment Commission Costs (2,5% + IVA)



Script - december to january'19

Casting - january to february'19

Contacts and Funding - january to may'19

Repérage and Partnerships - january to july'19

Storyboard, Art and Location Prep - june to september'19

Rehearsals, Shotlist and Storyboard - august to october'19

Sound and Photography Tests - september to october'19

Shoot - october'19

Post Production - november to december'19

Marketing, Distribution and Festival Submissions - december'19

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100% reached

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  • Helena Estiveira

    Olá Mariana,

    Olá Mariana,

    Boa sorte para o teu projecto e parabéns por teres alcançado o financiamento necessário.
    Posso sugerir que uses esse restante para apoiares outros projectos/causas aqui?
    Uma cadeia de apoio e contribuições, numa mostra de solidariedade.

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