Sotak - Karla da Silva's new album

Sotak - Karla da Silva's new album

"Sotak" is an ode to the various accents of the Portuguese language, a journey that takes us from Brazil to Portugal, passing through Cape Verde or Angola. To make this record a...

"Sotak" is an ode to the various accents of the Portuguese language, a journey that takes us from Brazil to Portugal, passing through Cape Verde or Angola. To make this record a reality, we need your support!

Singer-songwriter Karla da Silva is preparing to release Sotak, her most recent work. Made up entirely by its original songs, the album proposes a unique blend of cultural and musical influences, uniting the different accents of the Portuguese language, from Brazil to Portugal, passing through Cape Verde or Angola. Crossing the richness of the language, the singer shows that differences don't  have to be barriers, but rather bridges that unite. With 10 themes to be recorded, Sotak takes samba as its starting point and creates a pluralistic and inclusive approach which explores sounds with which the singer has come into closer contact in recent years, already living in Portugal, including fado, semba, morna or Portuguese popular music.

Praised publicly by Elza Soares, Karla da Silva is known for the power of her voice, having edited Quintal (2011) and Gente que Nunca Viu Vai Ver a Pretíssima Coroação (2017). Now, after five years living outside of Brazil, the singer is reborn with a work that marks the moment she first takes samba as her centre, creating new music enriched by experiences and challenges.

Karla needs your support to materialise the themes that are already engraved in her mind and bring her original Sotak to the world. Any contribution you can make will be welcome!

About the author

Hello, beautiful people! Here is Karla da Silva, what happiness to project this new album with the support of you who have always pushed me towards this dream! It's been 15years of career and a lifetime of musical ancestry. I hope we can build this new path together. It will be a beautiful album, full of poetry and my own compositions, built and produced by musicians/friends that I trust a lot. Sotak comes to tell and sing a lot of good things for you and for this big world.... much gratitude ❤ Karla da Silva️


Karla da Silva follows her star with plural influences, having been classified by Elza Soares as “a voice that brought colors to a raw city”. She started singing Samba de Raiz 14 years ago in the bars of Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro. She recorded his first album Quintal in 2011 and, the following year, she was a semi-finalist on the first edition of The Voice Brasil. In 2014, her first album was selected by the "Edital Natura Musical" for a launch tour around Brazil. She presented the album in Europe in 2015 and was invited to the Natura Musical Festival, performing alongside big names in music such as Gal Costa, Milton Nascimento and Emicida.

Already living in Portugal, Karla da Silva launched the Samba Cura project. She is part of Orquestra Bamba Social, with whom she recorded the album Samba de Bolso and Mundo Novo. At the invitation of musician Pierre Aderne, she joined the television series “Rua das Pretas Coliseu”, which is currently in its second season and being shown by RTP1. She released "Petit Pays" and, more recently, "Pra Machucar Meu Coração", two songs recorded at the invitation of Arda Music Records, the largest recording studio in the Iberian Peninsula.

Budget and due dates


All the money raised in this campaign is intended to help pay part of the realization of this album. In detail, taking into account this budget that we projected for this crowdfunding campaign, we will allocate:

  • 4000 Recording, mixing and mastering of songs
  • 1000 € CD pressing, graphic work and promotion
  • €507.38 Commission costs of 5% of PPL + VAT and commission costs of 2.5% of payments + VAT



  • 1 to 25 June recordings
  • June 26th to July 15th mixing
  • July 16th to 25th mastering

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    Boa tarde. Na passagem pelo vídeo não reconheci, pela falta da cabeleira maravilhosa 😉, a excelente cantora da rua das pretas... Sendo assim quero alterar a minha doação para 100 euros. É possível? Tinha oferecido 20, para, achava eu, uma desconhecida com boa onda como disse😉😍. Aguardo resposta 👍

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